India-Pakistan Cyber War Intensifies Amid Tension on Border

Cyber war between India and Pakistan is always on the run, however, it gets serious during national days or when tension at the borders increases.

For last few days the silos at borders aren’t in good shape as Indian forces are alleged to have violated the line of control several times. Consequently several Pakistani citizens reportedly got injured and several hundred families are in fact re-located to safe distance from border.

Amid such situations Bilawal Bhutto Zardari earlier this week issued a statement against India and said that Pakistan should win back Kashmir by any means. This very statement took India by storm and almost every nook and corner of India responded to the statement, including the Indian hackers who defaced Pakistan Peoples’ Party website last night.

In response, just moments ago, Press Club of India, i.e. India’s national press club, got hacked and defaced by Pakistani hackers.

Hacker group left a message on press club of India’s website and said that their target is Indian Government websites. They emphasized that Indian control over Kashmir is illegal, illogical and barbaric.

Pakistani hackers are already calling it #OP INDIA and it seems that they plan to deface more Indian websites with-in next few days. Not to mention, Indian hackers are expected to follow the suite.

Check below the message left by hackers on defaced PCI website:


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  • Muhammad Ashraf

    GO INDIA GO!!!

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    Mene to kaha tha NS sahab ko aam na bhejo, mere paas bhejo main inko aam khilata hun

    • Muhammad Aamir

      Eating an aam is not a good idea, why not you introduced “Inam Ghar” once again as an innovative way and offer the hacker a BMW, iPhone 6, and QMobile :D

    • Arslan

      Had hoti hai sharafat ki, puppy lo aamir liaqat ki.

  • Suhaib Malik was also hacked yesterday. Snapshot attached

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    or Aishwarya Rai ko Bachan sa Azad karo #FreeAishwaryaRai

    • khalil

      dharna de do bhai shayed azad ho jaye

  • Arsalan Shah

    Excellent work by Pakistani Hackers. Shame on Nawaz Sharif for sending mangoes and saree’s to India. I don’t think there was any sense in sending even poo as present to India until Kashmir Issue is resolved. Nawaz Sharif has proven once again that he’s a traitor, and has proved by his actions that he is ”actually” an unelected prime minister.

  • Inam

    Good show, while Pakistan Armed Forces give a jaw-breaking response to indian forces, we Pakistanis must protect Pakistan’s sanctity in media warfare and over Internet/Media. Stop relying on this failed govt. Defend Pakistan on Internet & Media!

  • Jawad