MobiCash Partners with Shopistan for Instant Payments

Mobilink has partnered with Shopistan through its Mobicash platform. Arrangement will allow Shopistan customers to make instant payments through Mobicash’s USSD enabled mobile wallet.

Customers — who have MobiCash Mobile Wallets — can visit any of the Shopistan partner brands, select any merchandise or service to buy, input mobile number and click “Pay”. The Customer will instantly receive a USSD message on phone, requesting for 4 digits PIN. The PIN is instantly verified, and the transaction is completed (given the user has enough balance in his/her wallet) after which the product will be dispatched to the customer.

Aniqa Afzal Sandhu Director MFS, Mobilink commenting on the partnership said, “It is a part of Mobilink’s business strategy to introduce innovative and state-of-the-art services to meet the needs of customers. In Pakistan, more than 90% of online transactions are primarily based on “Cash-On-Delivery” (COD) payment method, which often poses inconvenience for both online retailers and customers. Our partnership with Shopistan will help customers all across Pakistan to conduct secure and instant transactions to purchase products.”

Customers can open their Mobile-Wallet Account by visiting any Mobilink Franchise, Customer-Care Center or any nearest branch of Waseela Bank.

  • Salman Abbas

    How secure is this.. is it possible for a third party to send you a USSD message and steal your PIN?

    • aamir7

      USSD code has to be sent from the very number on which wallet is activated.

  • FN

    List of participating merchants?

  • Shoaib

    Process is secure

  • Hashim Butt

    More than 95% of such shoppers prefer paying cash on delivery. Secondly there is nothing “innovative” about this service as claimed above. The option of paying through easypaisa before receiving the ordered good (s) has been there since 2011.

    • Shah

      Hashim easypaisa’s service was an offline payment method where the customer pays first and then informs the merchant about the transaction ID , amount and product. There is no direct integration in real time. Mobicash’s service is a real time payment method where the merchant does not have to go through manual processes. I hope you understand otherwise there is plenty of material available online just google :)

  • Gibran Ashraf

    Finally, PROGRESS!! Would love to get in touch with Aniqa Afzal Sandhu for a related project!

    • shah

      You can fill a form available on mobicash website and corporate will get in touch with you. Thanks

  • sahi

    Its would be war of convinience to win the customer from here on :) BEST OF LUck

  • Ehmar

    What is a damage for customers?