Warid Releases Mobile App to Completely Manage Your Warid Number

Warid has been very active lately when it comes to smartphone development and that is continuing with the introduction of the MyWarid app. This new app from Warid allows you to manage everything about your Warid connection including subscribing to services and packages.

With this app, you don’t have to remember short-codes for packages or anything else. Simply swipe your fingers to get your Warid number the way you like.

Keep reading to know the full set of features for MyWarid app:

  • Self-Care: Get services like billing info, FnF management, recharge your account
    • Recharge your account
    • Manage FnF numbers
    • Get account details
    • Get Balance info
  • Packages & Services: Change your package; activate/deactivate prepaid bundles, postpaid bundles and Value Added Services.
    • Change your Package
    • Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Internet & SMS Bundles & LBC Offers
    • Subscribe/Unsubscribe VAS Services
  • What’s New: Get informed about new offers and tariff plans

We should mention that browsing through the app and downloading it will be billed according to your internet package, i.e. using the app will cost you data charges as per your usual tariffs. The app is available for Android users on the Google Play Store here. An iOS version is expected to be released on the 5th of November.

Check below few screen-grabs from the MyWarid android app:

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Talal is the Chief Operating Officer at ProPakistani.

  • Shoaib

    Nice application introduced by Warid just before launch of 4G LTE.People are waiting for its release.

    • Doc Usman

      When warid 4g is expected to be launched ?

  • JunaidAliChohan

    when it will be officially launched??

    • test

      launched :-)

  • Guy Chauhan

    that is a really nice addition and a step ahead of all other operators by Warid.

    • Badar

      Zong already introduced this app.

  • Wajahat Ali Chowdry

    Does this app works for the Postpaid Customers also.

  • Wajahat Ali Chowdry

    This app shall not work if you are using the Dual SIM Phone and your SIM is placed in 2nd slot. For using this App you have to place the SIM to 1st slot of your phone.

    • Ghayas

      i would rather delete the app than switching the sim in slot-1.
      I suggest warid to come up with solution of this.

  • Haseeb

    Great app by Warid. Other operators should also introduce such app to resolve package related confusions.

  • iber

    where is IOS version of this app?

  • Amir

    Zong already has such App. Any ways good step for warid users

  • Saad

    LOL, funny to see 4G LTE logo throughout the app, while they completely avoid talking about TE officially. September has turned in to October and in to November now, now trials, no sims, call center still clueless, customers frustrated and angry. Good show Warid.

    • test

      I have SIM

      • Saad

        No you dont

        • test

          check it out

          • #WaridCustomer

            Hi Warid Employee, what’s the excuse for the delay this time? :D

            From end of September to Start October to End of October to After Ashura Holidays :p

          • You are definitely one of his team, but you also dont know that when it is going to be launched.

            • hassan

              now we know its launched

          • doc Usman

            Can you please tell me exact launch date ?
            I’ve to port out of this mess..

      • Rizwan Yaqoob

        What will do with 4G enabled SIM when you don’t have access to 4G network?

  • Hammad R. Ahmad

    Can it be used through WiFi?

  • Abdullah Safdar

    When is wari gonna release 4g LTE…? Does warid have 3g coverage…?

    • Abbas

      no 3g coverage. 4g launch date not confirmed but its next month in december

  • Khalid Ameen

    Very good application indeed.

  • Haida Kay

    Very Neat/well made and UseFull App by warid. i really think that warid is eyeing 3rd place in the Netwrk race ..

  • That Nigga PeeDroid

    3rd Class Icon :@

  • Tnt4ever

    ported #s not working in the app.

  • Shahzaib Vohra

    not accepting port-in numbers

    • Umair_CL

      Working fine here… Ported to Warid from Telenor a long time back, its postpaid though.

  • realy its very cool

  • hassan

    i dont understand y WARID write 4G on this APP but not on other advertise :(