WhatsApp Adds Blue Ticks to Confirm When Messages are Read!

No more excuses for not reading your messages, as Whatsapp has introduced this new feature that will let you know when your messages are read by the other party.

With this new addition, there are three types of ticks or check marks or notifications that can appear with your sent Whatsapp messages, here they are:

  • message successfully sent.
  • message successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone.
  • the recipient has read your message.

Below screen-grab will further elaborate what I just said:


Not to mention, blue ticks won’t appear if recipients sneaks your messages through the notification bar. But if conversation window or app is opened (even for a second) then blue ticks will appear immediately.

Moreover, in a group chat, the blue ticks will appear only when all participants in the group have have read your message.

Another plus is that you can also find-out the exact time when your messages were read. Simply hold down the message, then click info button in the top menu to get time stamps.


There is a mixed feedback since the rollout of this new feature. A slight majority is somewhat not happy with what WhatsApp is calling a feature that will add more reliability in the communications.

Not to mention, calling feature on Whatsapp is round the corner and we may see it any time now.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK