PTCL Pays Tribute to Father of the Nation

Today, Quaid Day is being marked with solemnity and whole nation is up and about to celebrate this day with flock of patriotism and passion. It was the day when a great leader appeared as gleam of hope in the world to dole out humanity in deprived times.

So along with whole nation, our great Quaid who became colossal instrument of great change has been paid tribute by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) in a short video clip composed of patriotically toned song. This piece, though obviously is a minor chunk of his struggling life and dream.

Being a national organization, having same founding year of 1947, PTCL is brilliantly showing up careworn held in past as well as future in face of children that will bring new emission of hope for nation.

Under the video, struggling aspects of Quaid-e-Azam got highlighted who believes that nations fall when they stop thinking as a nation or when they lose confidence and pride as a nation or they fail to self respect. However, Quaid’s veracity, vision, steadfast character and style identified all these troubles. He conjured up the country into statehood by the force of his indomitable will.

He believed that the Children Are Our Future envisions of nation that should be taught and trained charily so that they can realize their potential leading to succession of a country. Though, to get Pakistan accepted as a country on world map was just not a think but it was a whole dream seen for our children to live in freedom gestures and to say hello to the future in sovereignty.

On the other part of video, being in everlasting relationship with nation, PTCL is, as well, holding up the vision of brighter future of country with our children that if molded in better attitudes, values, ideas, and ideals, we can expect a better and more organized world of tomorrow and achieve the design for the world that we hope for at this moment thus a new era of dawn can be started and we can step up, saying hello to the sparkling future in a better way.

So, that’s the tribute effort put up by PTCL which is walking along with Pakistan since its creation. Though Pakistan has achieved acceptance of its independency and also a dream got fulfilled by our Quaid. But at the same time, the actual strength that “Our Children are Our Future” has been taken for granted at the mercy of circumstances .In this situation highlighting real power of Nation” by PTCL is applaud able which is our children that will take Pakistan to new elevations of accomplishment.