Playstation Now Coming To Samsung Smart TVs

Following from its wildly successful launch of the Playstation 4, Sony has announced that it will be partnering with Samsung to bring the game-streaming service, Playstation Now, pre-installed in smart TVs. This is a significant announcement, as it involves Sony teaming up with an established rival for a collaboration that will undoubtedly benefit both companies.

Currently, the Playstation Now service is only available on Sony Bravia smart TVs and includes online multiplayer modes, gaming on cloud servers, as well as trophies and competitions. One just needs to buy a Sony DualShock game pad to start playing. Sony has confirmed that initially a total of 200 titles will be available on the smart TVs, which will likely result in greater demand for the service.

Slow internet speeds and connectivity issues have limited online gaming and hampered services like PSN in Pakistan but that could change in 2015

As Samsung is the undisputed leader in manufacturing and marketing smart TVs, this collaboration represents something of a coup for Sony. It is also pertinent to mention here that they had acquired the HD video game developer Gaikai, specifically to push the Playstation Now service and get a greater proportion of gamers interested in cloud gaming.

In terms of the impact of this announcement on the local market, it is clear that there is a very tiny percentage of Pakistani gamers who are actively pursuing cloud-based gaming options. While consoles such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One are wildly successful in Pakistan and are eagerly awaited by gaming enthusiasts, slow internet connectivity speeds are generally to blame for a lack of interest in online multiplaying.

However, the chance to participate in tournaments across the world, interact and meet gamers as well as challenge one’s ability is unparalleled and it is likely that if such connectivity issues are resolved there will be an uptick in the interest in services like the Playstation Now.

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