Ufone Partners with Faysal Bank to Offer iPhone 6 for Rs. 5,000 per Month Instalment

Ufone together with Faysal Bank Limited (FBL) has announced the launch of iPhone-based instalment plan of the year, whereby customers could own an iPhone 6 along with telecom goodies for as low as Rs. 5,000/ month inclusive of all taxes, that too without any upfront cost.

Customers would also be able to avail 1,000 on net minutes, 150 off net minutes, 1000 SMS and 3GB data, all inclusive in the monthly installment plan.

Customers could choose between 18 months and 24 months payment plans for any iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Below are prices for iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus with 18 and 24 months terms:

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – 24 Months Instalment Plan

  • iPhone 6
    • 16 GB: Rs. 5,000 per month
    • 64 GB: Rs. 5,600 per month
    • 128 GB: Rs. 6,200 per month
  • iPhone 6 Plus
    • 16 GB: Rs. 5,600 per month
    • 64 GB: Rs. 6,200 per month
    • 128 GB: Rs. 6,800 per month

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – 18 Months Instalment Plan

  • iPhone 6
    • 16 GB: Rs. 6,100 per month
    • 64 GB: Rs. 6,900 per month
    • 128 GB: Rs. 7,650 per month
  • iPhone 6 Plus
    • 16 GB: Rs. 6,850 per month
    • 64 GB: Rs. 7,650 per month
    • 128 GB: Rs. 8,400 per month

Those who have Faysal Bank credit card can go ahead and dial their help-line to register the request.


Mr. Khurram Mahboob – Head of HVC, Ufone along with Mr. Ahmed Hemani, Head of Products and Mareting, Faysal Bank Limited, at the launch ceremony of iPhone 6 installment plans

Regarding this exciting new launch, Mr. Khurram Mahboob, Head of HVC at Ufone said, “This innovative endeavor would ensure that these latest, classy, and most sought after Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are within easy reach of our esteemed customers.”

“It is because of our valuable partnership with FBL that we’ve been able to offer these tailor made solutions to facilitate our customers, where they can now avail both; seamless connectivity coupled with a new Apple gadgetry.”

Expressing his views, Mr. Ahmed Hemani, Head of Products and Marketing, FBL said, “Ufone’s inclination towards uniqueness and innovation has compelled us to extend our partnership with the telecom operator, as its vision is in-line with our vision of putting customers first and providing them with quality solutions.”

It is another successful year that both Ufone and FBL have extended their partnership in offering smartphone solutions at affordable rates, earlier in 2013; both parties launched Postpay Smartphone Plan featuring Blackberry and Samsung mobile phones.

    • That’s how installments work, first people wanted iPhone with official warranty then they wanted it on installments, now installments without any mark up.

        • Since it is being offered in Pakistan so i don’t see your point about it being an issue ?
          The net result is still the same with carrier contracts as well instead of the markup you pay a hefty amount in monthly plans but you end up paying the same over a 24 month contract.
          You have to remember these are all businesses which are there to make money [its not a bad thing].

          • Brother, listen brother, there is 44000 just markup…… where are you living? are you don’t know original Apple iphone price? its 76000 dear, with one year official warranty.

            • Yes, you can buy it outright for ~76000 but people who can’t and still want an iphone they can go via the installment route. You have to remember this is a “service”, just like you rent a hotel room etc. If you want to avail it you will have to pay up. What should be charged for the service is up to the provider, unless there is competition they have no reason to lower it.

              It is the same as you have a skill set [programmer/architect/plumber] you get to decide how much its worth with respect to the market standards.

      • hahaha ‘inna nay kadi khsh nae hona’ RIP bhi In US they are paying 100$ a month for iPhone now if its being offered in pakistan ‘tho mehnga ha’ please get a life then whoever thinks like that!

  • Excellent initiative by Ufone at a time when total 3G/4G customers have crossed figure of 6 million and cellular operators have earned 47 billion from data/internet in FY 2014, 45% more revenue than previous year.

    • Because if they start giving these expensive smart phones to guys like you , you might just get lost with phone somewhere , how bank is gonna trace you and Police tracking system is not good as well

  • The Faysal Bank call center say they don’t know of such offer.
    I don’t meant to say the news is wrong, but the news hasnt propogated yet. :P

  • This is how Banks Make your fool.. Correct me if i am wrong
    Actual Price is UFONE official price available on their Website

    • “Customers would also be able to avail 1,000 on net minutes, 150 off net minutes, 1000 SMS and 3GB data, all inclusive in the monthly installment plan” ur calculation doesnt include this….

      • 5000 Minutes, 5000 SMS and 5000MB cost just 60 for 5 days or 360 for a month 6480 for 18 months and 8640 for 24 months… baki 40 hazar jo ufone la rha hai on paiso main aap mujrakaro gaye?

      • include that amount plus i have also not included the amount which company will be saving on the stock they are getting. e.g iPhone 6 16 GB is for 81,499 what do you think vendor will be giving company on same price?

      • Bhai Apple lena hai to khud ja k kunwen mein chlaang lga deyn ? Allah ne isi liye Sabar ka hukam dia hai, Sabar karen pese jorr k le leyn bjaye iskay k sood de k leyn. Sood se bdi lanat nahi hai

  • Terms & Conditions

    This offer is only valid for Faysal Bank Credit Card customers.

    On-Net/Off-Net usage over and above free minutes will be changed at Rs 1.5+tax/minute and Rs 1+tax/SMS for SMS.

    Data usage will be charged at Rs 20/MB after consumption of free data volume.
    Users availing the offer cannot port out, change ownership,
    disown/change the package or convert connection type to Prepaid for the
    entire installment term from date of activation. However, within the
    installment plan term, user can port out or discontinue use of the
    iPhone Plan after paying for pending dues and extended discounts. These
    include but are not limited to Special Number charges, PTML claimed dues
    and payment of complete installments as per the chosen handset
    installment plan.

    Free resources such as minutes, data and SMS will be available every
    month and unutilized resources shall expiry at the end of every month.
    Usage above these will be charged and will be subject to all applicable

    The monthly installment has been calculated based on current
    applicable taxes and may vary during the term of contract only if such
    taxes are revised.

    After expiry of installment plan term, customer will be required to
    pay one time security deposit of Rs 2500 and monthly package line rent
    plus all applicable taxes to continue use of package.

    After expiry of installment plan term user can pay special number
    charges of Rs 2000 and port out to any network after clearance of all
    requisites/pending dues.

    Ufone does not own any device and standard manufacturer warranty terms shall apply on all devices.

    Payments made directly by users in addition to installment payment
    shall be non-refundable and will be adjusted against pending dues.

    Choice of device and color may vary based on stock availability.

    This is a limited time offer only.

    Ufone reserves the right to ament above terms and conditions at any time without notice.

    Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime PTA.

    19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on recharge of bill apply

    Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Till today, Faysal Bank has not started giving the deal. They say its coming soon… however on ufone site it says otherwise.

  • i don’t understand why would someone pay 109800 for 1gb ram and 1.4 dual core processor. there are lots of options instead iphone 6 or 6 plus. mostly people don’t know what they need in a good smartphone, they just want iphone and nothing else:D

  • Double say bhi zayad paisy lay rahy ho.. jab tak installment puri hofi iphone 9 ajaye ga..

    cost say zyada tm logon nay intrest lga diya hai !!

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