PTCL Brings Ad Free World Cup Experience for Cricket Enthusiasts

PTCL is bringing advertisement free World Cup 2015 for cricket lovers nationwide. To provide fans with an uninterrupted World Cup experience, PTCL has unveiled a new SmartTV application that makes World Cup matches available on mobile phones, iPads and laptops.

Not to mention, this service will run on any Internet Connection (other than PTCL services) that too without any ads.

Kamal Ahmed, Chief Digital Services Officer (CDSO) PTCL said,

“As a digital leader, PTCL understands the public pulse when it comes to digital entertainment preferences, be it on in-home screens or across handheld smart devices.”

“Being a proud supporter of Pakistan cricket team, PTCL is binding the entire Pakistani nation together to cheer for our heroes through its SmartTV platform. This PTCL service enables our customers to enjoy advertisement-free cricket experience and support their national team”

The SmartTV application makes viewing even more fun with its ‘Time Shift TV’ and ‘Pause and Rewind’ in-app features that enable viewers to rewind and re-play exciting moments. In addition to these features, PTCL subscribers also get access to 150 digital quality TV channels to watch movies through video-on-demand and TV programs through TV-on-demand. There is even a ‘Personal Video Recorder’ that enables customers to keep their favourite content for personal library.

Yasir Manzoor, GM Video Services, PTCL, said

“We recognize that the future of news and entertainment lies with over the top TV application. We constantly endeavor to provide our customers with quality content on various screens. We want to entertain our customers everywhere anytime”

How to Watch AD Free World Cup Matches

PTCL subscribers can simply download the SmartTV application from Google Playstore for Android phones (Android Tabs coming soon) or iTunes for Apple iOS devices and view the entire Cricket World Cup 2015 uninterrupted.

Once downloaded, simply use any internet connection to stream live matches.


The service is available at only Rs. 499 for the entire World Cup.


      • lol I asked because no where it asks for a PTCL connection. The app just asks you to register and charge your account even with a credit card or other options. Anyone can do that in Pakistan and then go outside Pakistan and watch the matches using this app. You just need a user name and password to access your account which can be done from anywhere in the world. Now only if there is restriction by PTCL to use PTCL broadband service then it won’t work outside Pakistan.

    • Just search for PTCL Smart TV on both devices. Make sure to set your store location on iOS as Pakistan

  • they should also focus on fault rectification. Fault takes 1 week to resolve after falling into their feet.

  • I want to pay for this service but I’d like to be able to see whether the stream works smoothly and is good quality, widescreen or HD. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what it looks like until you pay.

    • I have tired it and if you have a good connection the stream is very good. Not HD but SD which looks really good on a small screen.

  • This is simply bullshit, Propaksitani pls confirm from the source first then advertise on your page.
    your remarks are:
    “Not to mention, this service will run on any Internet Connection (other than PTCL services) that too without any ads.”
    I have subscribed to this service and now unable to play on my 3G enabled iPad. and PTCL help line says you can watch it only on PTCL broadband or wifi.
    this is simply frustrating!!!

      • I have given them reference of ProPakistani and they replied check our website, no such thing is mentioned on it.

        • Aamir I am myself playing Smart TV app on Xperia Z (Android) through Nayatel. Tested it on Telenor’s 3G too.

          So, it works fine on non-PTCL internet.

          • Aamir Bhai, I am unable to play on my iPad on Mobilink 3G. PTCL help line confirmed me that it will work only on PTCL ISP.
            secondly they are true in there claim that its not mentioned on our site that it will work on any ISP.

            • Sir you can trust me. I am playing it seamlessly on Nayatel. They haven’t mentioned it on their website as naturally they wouldn’t want you to use their services on other than PTCL DSL network.

              Try it on any other device. You also debug it by making sure that you are not behind a proxy or a firewall.

              • Though PTCL people are bunch of – Beep Sound Here – . I am pretty sure they would have told you it can run anywhere. Also it may have been running surely for you in different connections but still on page where they have this promotion, in FAQ section they have following text as Question 10.

                Q10: Why can’t I log in?
                The app is for PTCL broadband and EVO customers only. Please make sure
                you are using PTCL broadband to access the PTCL Smart TV app. Please
                note that a single username will work with 1 mobile device, 1 tablet,
                and 1 PC only (one screen at a time).

                PTCL Page URL:

  • I am using PTCL Wingle, wouldn’t these live streams eat up all of available download limit? Also whats the process to get this?

    • Just got this, worth trying its working like a charm! I hope it gets same when then have more traffic… And yes download limit issue still remains there..

  • working fine on my Smartphone but my concern is if i want to watch on my laptop than what to do i mean i can use same user name passwd on my laptop to watch if yes then its not wronging ..

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