Warid Announces Valentine’s Day Offers

On this Valentine’s day, Warid Telecom has started an engaging SMS based service, Name Compatibility, where one user sends in their name along with a friend’s name to the dedicated short code to check their love compatibility.

In turn a description determining the relationship compatibility between the two is generated and sent in Roman Urdu to make it comprehensive to the range of users.

Another service is the Song Dedication IVR where the customer can select a song from a range of renowned love songs to dedicate to their loved ones. An added feature is the option to add an audio message with the song to be dedicated.

Prizes are also being given with the top 3 users (most SMS sent on Name Compatibility to 1001) and top 2 users (most number of minutes usage of Song Dedication Service to 1700) having the chance to win one of the five Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE handsets.

Further details are given below:

Name Compatibility

  • SMS Your Name space Friend’s Name to 1001
  • Charges: Rs.10+tax/SMS

Song Dedication IVR

  • Dial 1700 and then go to a category, select a song to dedicate then press 4.
  • If you want to add an audio message with the song then press 1. Record the message and then input the number to dedicate it to
  • If you do not want to send a message with the song then Press 2 and then input friend’s number.
  • Song dedication can be sent to any network in the country.
  • Charges: Rs.10+tax/min

Please visit our website for more information: http://www.waridtel.com/products/entertainment/valentine-promo

  • Yar aik taraf Dawate Islami Pore zor ke sath rokti he is Va**** se dosri taraf ap log ise promote karte ho
    samajhte nai ati kon sai hai kon ghalt
    Different ways of life
    Modernism (mobile movie tie cot clean shave…..)
    Molvism (aqa ki sunnat dari ,Quran , namaz , roza…)
    Mixizm (mobile + quran, paint shirt + darhi, namaz + entertainment( movie,drama …..) )

    • Paint Shirt + Dari… Since When did “Pant Shirt” become ‘Haram’?
      You should know that there is a narration saying that Prophet (s.a.w) wore a Roman Jubbah. Now Rome at that time was similar to the ‘Amrica’ (the west) of today. So tell me, where is the prohibition?
      By the way, sunnah isn’t only the ‘outward’ aspect, that is: Islam doesn’t revolve around Dari and clothes above the ankle. There is so much more to it which, unfortunately, has been brought down by our “Moulvis” themselves. There are true moulvis, which are scholars, not the typical moulvi who may have Mustang, with a beard – who may have adapted to the modern culture while avoiding its bad and sticking to its good. Same goes for our own culture. It isn’t that there is nothing wrong.
      Btw, the negative aspects of modernism is not tie coat, but lack of spiritual values.
      All I am trying to say is that there is another way between “Moulvism” and “Modernism” (and yes, my interpretation of moulvism and modernism apply – not how it is ‘as is’)… :)

  • yar someone get numbers of sisters of marketing managers of Warid. I want to try my compatibility. I am the best suitor they will ever have. G4ys shud try their compatibility with warid top brass. Lets do it.

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