Microsoft Launches Keyboard App for Excel Junkies

Microsoft Garage project has allowed artists, employees, interns, inventors and  many other great minds to get together and transform their inventive ideas into reality.

Previously responsible for new lock screen apps such as Next Lock Screen, the project has now rolled out another handy app for Android users. Following the release of Microsoft Office apps, Microsoft now presents Keyboard for Excel.

As evident by the name, Keyboard for Excel features a keyboard specifically meant for use with Microsoft Excel. Make no mistake; though, it can be used with any other app if you so desire.

Given that it primarily targets the needs of Excel users, it features a special 10-key number layout for convenience. The keyboard also sports a Tab button which allows users to navigate around the cells without a hassle.

A few misses with the keyboard are immediately identifiable. Firstly, it lacks gesture typing feature that is popular among lots of users. Secondly, auto-correction is not available which might well be a bummer, especially for those who aren’t so sure of themselves in regards to their spellings and vocabulary.

But then again, it’s an experimental project dedicated towards a subset of users who won’t care for that. In small ways like these, Microsoft has started to show it understands the needs of its users.

Keyboard for Excel is only available for tablets running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with the exception of Nexus 7 for reasons unknown at this point. It’s probably safe to assume that squeezing a full-sized keyboard on a smartphone display would be a rather silly idea anyway. However, Microsoft might just consider the option some time in the future.

You may download Keyboard for Excel from the Google Play Store now.