Zong to Offer NFC, Prepaid Credit Cards, Internet Payment Solutions in Pakistan

Zong is reportedly working on a new service that will enable Pakistani users to buy things online, make payments through NFC and other channels, we have learned through sources.

As per a project presentation, that ProPakistani acquired through a well placed and reliable source, Zong is planning to offer a service that will enable Pakistani users to make payments over internet through prepaid cards that will work just like credit cards.

These prepaid cards will be available throughout the country, thanks to extensive outreach of Zong’s sales and retail network in the country. Moreover, customers will also be allowed to load these prepaid cards — that they can use to buy things online — through their Mobile balance, making the whole process a lot more convenient and seamless.

This facility will essentially resolve the long-running hurdle for ecommerce industry of the country by enabling the merchants to collect payments over internet through credit and debit cards, a solution that is currently not available in Pakistan.

Due to inability of MoIT, PTA, PSEB, PASHA, SBP and local banks, Pakistan — even in 2016 — is living without any viable internet payment solution for the merchants in the country.

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However, this is going to change now as Zong is soon going to become first payment processing operator in the country to offer physical and virtual prepaid cards that customers will be able to use to buy goods online and at retail shops throughout the country.

Company will also offer the merchants a facility to accept these virtual and physical prepaid cards to instantly get payments for the items they sell online.

According to one slide, also produced below, Zong will partner infrastructure partners, such as banks and payment processing operators, to offer:

  • Physical prepaid Visa card that can be used at retail outlets
  • Virtual prepaid cards for digital web based payments
  • NFC SIMs integrated with with prepaid card, debit/credit card account, Time Pay, virtual cards for instant NFC payment


With growing number of online retail stores and trending ecommerce industry of Pakistan, its a shame the country is living without a viable solution that could allow merchants to accept payments online. Zong’s above mentioned effort is going to help the industry a lot.

Sources confirmed ProPakistani that Zong’s internet and NFC payment solution will be commercially rolled out with-in next 45 days.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • thanks to ALLAH that we hear it, I ask many people including here on propakistani about this type of solution, but failed to find any solution. if this is same as Prepaid Credit Cards in UAE then its simply awesome… :)

    • Scb offering prepaid debit card since long that one can use on the any atm all over the world as well online purchasing, i use personally on Internet when needed.

      • SCB card comes with an account…you can’t buy it against a cash, just like you buy mobile cards..

        • scb provide only in karachi, lahore, rawalpindi and islambad only lols. Qurban jao payoneer se jo saat samandar paar se free card ship karta hai with 25$

          • No. Its namely UBL Wiz Prepaid Cards. Price of card is Rs 150 but you have to initialy deposit Rs 1000 to make a card. 850 Rs will remain in card. Then You will make shopping online of every website who requires Visa Logo.
            If you open wiz card account from Rs 10000 then no Card fee will be deducted.

            • thanks for update… but I think Zong will sale this card as their Mobile cards, go to a shop and buy it, yeah, they will also charge for it.

              • Yes you are right but who knows that zong will never charge a single penny?

                Soneri debit card is also offering that service but its not for middle class people. as they charge minimum Rs 300 or 2.5% per transaction.

              • That’s actually not true. There are several different kinds of Wiz cards. There’s one that doesn’t require session activation and thus doesn’t cost Rs. 100 every time you need to use it online.

              • On the UBL Wiz Internet Card variant the internet session is always active and does not need to be activated so not activation costs/

              • They don’t. UBL Internet VISA card does not charge any extra Rupee on online or POS transaction except transaction amount. This card is activated for internet use and doesn’t need to be activated by phone. You can have that card without an account at UBL for Rs 616, which includes Rs. 500 as deposit and Rs. 116 card fee. You can get card free if you deposit Rs. 10,000.

                Source: I’m using this card since October 2012 and I’ve done transactions over Rs. 60,000 since then, I haven’t charger any extra fees or charge. It worked for me on almost every site including Amazon USA, AliExpress, Godaddy etc. So don’t misguide others.

              • No, i am using UBL internet visa since two years they have not charged me a single penny. Session charges are for ubl vis not for internet visa

        • Do not even thing about UBL prepaid debit card. they do not provide, they using this name only for publicity

      • first, as I mentioned ” I ask many people including here on propakistani about this type of solution, but failed to find any solution ” actually it was to buy a Prepaid Card for online payment by any person who has or not a Bank Account, and as per my knowledge SCB is offering the same to their account holders only same as UBL WIZ Cards. if not, please inform me I will go to buy one.

        • Get UBL wiz card. When you go at UBL Bank, ask them you need “UBL Internet VISA card”. If you’re a student you only need student card photocopy and ID card copy. If you have business or shop, keep letter head of shop/business. You will be given UBL Internet VISA card instantly. It will be activated in two or three business days when you receive SMS about that.

    • I assume that the use of the phrase “credit card” is there in the article only to signify that we would be able to make online transactions using it, otherwise it is not that relevant to discuss whether it would be a credit card or debit card.

      • They I believe they should write prepaid VISA or prepaid Master card, what ever payment processor they will be using on card.

        • Technically, yes there can’t be a prepaid credit card. The use of term “Credit Card” refers to the the characteristics of credit card, i.e. using it seamlessly over internet.

    • LOL. These should be called prepaid Debit cards. As we need to pre pay them also if we have prepaid, we should have balance and the transaction amount will be deducted from balance, its a debit card.

  • They should also provide a link to PayPal .. + charging through mobile card will be absured since taxes will be high

    • It is not upto Zong to provide a link to Paypal, It is PTA/Government who can bring Paypal here in Pakistan.

        • Due to restrictions in financial policy and lack of cyber rules,PayPal is not available in Pakistan.It does not hurt PayPal to miss a developing country,but it limits opportunities for us

  • superb news and a great scoop aamir. congratulations for setting new standards in news.

  • There are significant differences between a credit card and a prepaid VISA card.

    A prepaid VISA card can not be used for recurring payments so it is essentially useless for subscriptions. Given that cards issued by local banks don’t support AWS they won’t be of much use for shopping at online merchants particularly those located in the United States.

    Its a step in the right direction, nonetheless, but far from a complete solution.

  • Excellent news at a time when total 3G subscribers have crossed 10 million and digital takeover is almost complete.Other cellular companies must follow.

  • if we are able to send money to friends online for free (like paypal) it would be really awesome.

  • is there any iTunes Gift Cards like cards to pay online where accepts Visa/Master etc.?

  • Glad to note the NFC, Prepaid Cards of Zong/China Mobile in Pakistan for the payment solutions. This is very encouraging step from a Telco., which had been in-solvent/bankrupt in Pakistan of a KSE listed company Call-Mate a Prepaid Card Company being accredited with the regulatory Authority PTA. They swindled their stock holders, after speculation, and closed down. No body came to the rescue of Callmate. They defaulted to PTCL, share holders etc., etc. The new Zong Prepaid Cards now involves the State Bank of Pakistan which is a payment system, which has to go thru SBP and PTA as well. This should be done to all Telco., which are not accredited with the SBP. Hence they may show anything like CallMate. Hence the Finance Ministry should review the Prepaid Card Industry which is collecting billions of Rupees without the consent of the SBP.

  • “Pakistan — even in 2016 — is living without any viable internet payment solution for the merchants in the country”
    I very much doubt, that Pakistan is living in 2016

  • can anyone tell me how i can get the official payza or paypal in paksitan plz i need it to start my website

  • there used to be a UBL Prepaid card namely “WIZ CARD”! what happened to that? surely Zong aren’t the “FIRST ONE” to launch such a service…

  • we already have the solution for online payment by using any visa debit or credit card of any bank. we need that card which can be use to verify the paypal account

  • Good news Aamir bhai..
    Now I can purchase official FIFA balls which are not available in local market.Yeahhhhh
    I think Zong is the best although I’m a Telenor user but stats say that..

  • We need Credit Card payment processor to accept payments online UBL is giving but there requirements and fees are high for startup business we need local payment processor like authorize.net in usa

  • in prepaid cards sy hum amazon or ebay sy shoping kr skty hain ? or yeh cards lainy ka procedure kya hai ? koi bta do


  • no progress seen so far :) it has been 9 months and no outcome or product is seen ! do research properly before posting .

  • How can I oder this this Card.I ask form Zong(4G) customer service and they rejecting this service.

  • close