Bill Gates Lauds Imran Khans’s Efforts for Polio Eradication from Pakistan

Imran Khan has a personality which has inspired millions and is a well-known philanthropist around the world because of his several career achievements over the years. Imran Khan’s efforts for cancer treatment are greatly appreciated in the world but it’s his stance towards polio that has prompted Bill Gates, former Microsoft CEO and philanthropist, to write to Imran appreciating his efforts and even offering him assistance on the matter.

Polio was close to being eradicated from Pakistan a decade ago but increasing security threats prevented the process from completing. The recent government and especially Imran Khan’s stance to end polio has reached to the owner of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates appreciates The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman’s efforts by saying

I am encouraged by your personal commitment to eliminate this disease in Pakistan. Your strong leadership comes at a critical time in our global efforts.

Earlier in the month, Bill Gates and Imran Khan had a telephonic conversation in which Bill Gates appreciated Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s efforts pertaining to polio eradication. He also congratulated Imran on conducting a successful anti-polio campaign, Sehat Ka Ittehad, and expressed his grief over the death of 144 people in the Taliban attack on Army Public School Peshawar.

He offered his assistance in employing a technology that will help in fighting polio. The letter said:

I am interested in your opinion on the use of mapping technology in Pakistan — a technology which has helped Nigeria get close to eradicate polio. I know there are sensitivities around this type of technology, and I look to your guidance on what is appropriate. I’ve asked Dr Waqar Ajmal to follow up with your team during his current mission.

He also appreciated the army and the federal government for working together with the KPK government’s anti-polio campaign. He stated that this initiative clearly highlights that polio is a humanitarian priority which is above political differences. He hoped for successful discussions with the Chief Secretary and Chief Minister of KP for the implementation of IPV campaigns.

He further stated that the Imran’s direct engagement and leadership is necessary in ensuring a polio-free KPK and Pakistan and that his efforts will have a global reach and recognition. Lastly, “Thank you again for your commitment and dedication to these efforts. I look forward to the day when you and I can celebrate the eradication of this terrible disease and the improved health of all the world’s children,” the letter concluded.

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    • Bill Gates has committed billions of dollars to eradicate Polio at this point.. it’s probably his dream to eradicate it completely before his death. But what can he do with all those ignorant people :(

    • But for such deseases you dont need to carry a vaccination certificate along with passport. Polio has singled us out among international travellers. Regarding other deseases you may not need to judge which is more important to eradicate because thats quite subjective. Imran Government is doing something, appreciate it rather than passing useless sarcastic comments.

  • I think the main disease that we all pakistanis need to eradicate from Pakistan is “Lie”. so the Main person who is affected, is Mr. IMRAN KHAN by himself. He needs the Treatment before coming to the politics because politicians are the big lairs.

  • Without federal govt, kpk can do nothing! They even dont have their own earning resources or they are available to IK’s hidden bank account.

    I knew it, propakistani will fit the news here and the explanation would be that BG is tech giant, which he is not for this news!

    Go Corruption Go

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