Woop.pk is a New Online Fashion Marketplace by Shopistan

Shopistan, one of Pakistan’s leading e-commerce ventures has launched an online retail store by the name of Woop. The startup has received around $300,000 from Kima Ventures as capital injection.

This marketplace aims to provide shoppers with curated products for men, women and kids – both locally and internationally. The store will benefit from Shopistan’s experience and best practices from online retail. This includes integrating state-of-the-art technologies and design into one platform that does local retailers justice, whether large or small.

Woop is a curated store which means picking out the finest amongst many, and ensuring that people who’ve never sold online also see the value in selling their products alongside the best things they would shop themselves. Woop offers women, men and kids fashion and accessories.

The store features some of Pakistan’s best brands, like Bareezé, BeechTree, Kayseria, Working Woman, Urban Culture, Super Squad, Chinyere, Minnie Minors, Maria B, Shahnameh, Élan, Rang Ja, Leisure Club and Insignia. In addition, Woop is the only place you can pre-order lawn on. The lawn brands currently on Woop include Élan, HSY Prints, Vaneeza Lawn, Umar Sayeed, Sobia Nazeer, Maria B., Deepak Parwani and Nida Azwer.

In addition, Shopistan has pioneered a first of its kind technology in Pakistan, by the name of Omni Channel Engine that builds and maintains e-commerce channels for retailers. This mechanism allows online vendors to track their stock, replenish it and sync their physical store with online inventory in real time.

This technology also means that online shoppers will be able to avail services like location-based special offers, the ability to reserve & pick-up items from store and so much more.