Here are the 100 Best Startups of Pakistan [Infographic]

Startup magazine recently published an infographic that lists the 100 best startups from Pakistan.

While making the selection they took a variety of factors into account including uniqueness of the idea, business model, originality, evidence of success, clientele, cash flows, social impact, sustainability and partnerships.

Here are the top 100 startups in Pakistan broken down by their respective industries and sectors.


via Startup Magazine

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  • If the names were in a URL format, it would have been immensely easy to visit these sites.

    • Very good point. Or perhaps at least if they had the names underneath as I want to reach out to a few startups and there’s no easy way because the logos of some startups are very vague!

  • Have you guys heard of SeekDrug. A recently launched product by a company which is making waves in pharmaceutical industry as well as public. [] how come they are not in healthcare ?

    • You need to apply on website along with 2500 PKR application processing fee for a chance to include your startup in the list. If you can’t pay the fee then you don’t have a chance :(

  • Have you guys heard about skippy apps PTY Ltd and shooting star game studios. 1st gaming company from pakistan to reach top charts on play store,app store, windows store and amazon !

  • Best selection from the best one.We hope in next couple of year each industry sector have innovative and state of the art solutions.Best of Luck to the Teams who in the top 100rd.

  • good to see so many web sites up and running. I own domain name and i been contacted by owners many times. I also have few buyers for my domain name so seems like domain name values are going up because of this activity.

  • Names should have been written below each logo and links would have been even better. You could maybe add them after the infographic.

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