Cyber Secure Pakistan Conference: Is Cloud Computing a Savior or Buzzword?

Cloud Security Alliance Islamabad chapter in collaboration with Pakistan Information Association (PISA) recently organized a Seminar “Cloud computing Savior or Buzzword” in “Cyber Secure Pakistan (CSP)” conference at NUST. The conference consisted of a number of hands-on trainings and workshops.

Dr. Sheheryar Malik, President of CSA Islamabad Chapter in Cloud Computing Seminar, gave an introduction of cloud Security Alliance and its working, Role of CSA Islamabad chapter and its past activities. After CSA introductory Speech Dr. Sheheryar Gave an introductory talk about Cloud Computing, history, Service models, Deployment models and related concepts.

Cloud computing, its history, service and deployment models as well as related concepts were discussed by Dr. Sheheryar Malik

He explained why it has become a need of the computing world of today and told about the various benefits of cloud computing. By showing detailed statistics, Dr. Sheheryar explained that the growth rate of the market of cloud computing has exceeded expectations of the experts. He clarified that the development of trust between the cloud service provider and the client is the most crucial issue of cloud computing.

Dr. Awais Shibli, Head of Software Engineering Department at SEECS-NUST and Director Research & Development Cloud Security Alliance Islamabad, presented the main challenges related to cloud computing. He started off with a small video which explained the key idea behind cloud computing and why it was developed. He agreed with Dr. Sheheryar Malik on the fact that trusts between the client and the cloud service provider is indeed the main issue because the client never really knows where his or her data is actually located.

Dr. Awais Shibli discussed the challenges faced by cloud computing and an address on Microsoft Azure was also conducted

Afterwards, Mr. Abdullah Abid and Mr. Muhammad Umar Hayat Kayani, students of Masters in Information Security, NUST-SEECS, gave a small address on Microsoft Azure, the cloud service of Microsoft. They told about the different services which can be configured using Azure and how these cloud services ensure authentication, performance and other concepts related to information security.

An interactive Question & Answer session took place where representatives from different information security organizations, faculty and students asked various queries like how cloud computing can be implemented in different industries and academic institutes of Pakistan.

Mr. Ghulam Jaffar and Mr. Mohsin Javed, also students of Masters in Information Security at SEECS and members of Cloud Security Alliance Islamabad Chapter, discussed Amazon Web Services and how they can be developed on the cloud.

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  • Cloud computing is essential now a days. Yes we need to take much importance to security but we cannot just ignore cloud computing..

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