Roam Like Home: Using Zong in Saudi Arabia is Cheaper than Even Saudis Networks

Ever wondered that your Pakistani SIM, while on roaming abroad, can be more cheaper than the local networks where you are travelling?

This has become true in case of Zong with its ridiculously low pricing for incoming and outgoing calls while on roaming in Saudi Arabia.

This new offer from Zong, called “Roam Like Home” is valid for all Zong prepaid customers, and is automatically activated without any prior subscription charges. Customers only need to activate the International Roaming access level by dialing the 310 helpline or visiting a service center prior to their travel.

Once activated, Zong users will be charged Rs 0.25/second or Rs. 15 per minute (exclusive of taxes) for outgoing calls to both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Charging pulse for all Zong calls while roaming in Saudi Arabia is per second.

Yes, these rates are for both outgoing calls to Pakistan and for incoming calls while roaming.

Zong Outgoing and Incoming Call Rates in Saudi Arabia:

  • Outgoing Calls to Pakistan: Rs. 0.25 per second plus tax
  • Outgoing Calls to any Saudi Network: Rs. 0.25 per second plus tax
  • Incoming Calls: Rs. 0.25 per second plus tax

Note: You have to be on Zain network in Saudi Arabia to avail these prices

This offer is ideal for Pakistanis travelling to Saudi Arabia in the holy month of Ramadan just around the corner

Check below infographic for a detailed comparison:

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