Lahore Police Will Use Apps to Aid Investigations

The police in Lahore has launched a series of cell phone applications to aid it in investigating crimes. The applications, named ‘Golden Hour’ and ‘Tool Kit’, are designed to aid the police in investigating and preserving crime scenes.


The applications were launched by the investigation wing of Lahore police in association with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). As part of the initiative, a cellular phone company will aid the police in tracking down criminals in a more timely and precise manner. A total of 100 policemen have been trained by the PITB to use and incorporate the applications in the process of their investigation.

According to the Lahore investigation police Chief SSP, Rana Ayaz Saleem, five different crime incidents, including bomb blasts, kidnapping for ransom, murder, robbery-cum-murder and rape, have currently been included in the Golden Hour Project.

A total of 100 policemen have been trained by the PITB to use and incorporate the applications in the process of their investigation.

In the event of such crimes, the concerned police station’s investigations in-charge will swiftly respond and gather forensic evidence, including blood spots, fingerprints, and explosives, within an hour of the incident by sealing off the crime scene. As the first hour after a crime incident is the most crucial, the project was given the name ‘Golden Hour’.

In addition to collecting forensic evidences from crime scenes, the investigations in-charge will also record video footage of the crime scene and take photographs. The captured footage will then be emailed to the CRO branch using 3G network, thereby eliminating any further delay in marking out criminals.

The ultimate goal of such technological advances is to improve traditional policing in the metropolis and make the environment safer for citizens

Regarding the second application, ‘Tool kit’, investigation teams and admin officers at the CRO branch will have access to eight important facilities, which include Nadra data, call data, location tracing, a record of stolen vehicles as well as registered vehicles. This information will be shared across the officials via the cell phone application.


With the introduction of mobile tracking units and other similar reforms, the ultimate goal is to improve the traditional policing in the metropolis and bring about a safer environment for its citizens.

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    • acha nahin Bahut acha hai.

      do you remember a song:

      “Hum kissi say kum nahin is hum ko hai yakeen………….”

      the song was not only to re-energize to play cricket but specifically for good deeds.

  • Maybe they’ll be able to find the responsible people for Model town Massacre now.

  • And soon all the data will be up for sale. Telco DBs, NADRA DB, and perhaps FBR DB are already out in the wild. PITB is a monkey which got ahold of a razer blade. Lets see..

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