6 Year Old Pakistani Becomes the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the World

A six-year-old boy from Pakistan has claimed the title of the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world.

Humza Shahzad sat the Microsoft Office Specialist exam, which is usually taken by adults who specialize in word processing and spreadsheets, and managed to pass it with flying colors. In order to clear the exam, Microsoft Certification requires a candidate to score 700 points. Humza scored a total of 757 points on the exam, which he took at the Microsoft Institute in London, thereby exceeding the required score by a notable margin.

Originally from Lahore, Humza moved to the UK with his family in 2011. His teachers find him to be a keen observer with a research oriented approach to his academics. He spends a lot of time on his computer, but unlike most boys his age, he isn’t just interested in computer games.

Humza scored a total of 757 points, which was higher than the minimum 700 points required to pass the exam. 

Being an IT consultant, his father sought to channel Humza’s keen interest in computers towards the grooming of his computing skills. He was merely two years-old at the time when he was given a smartphone. Six months later, he had his very own laptop, which he learned to operate with the help of his parents.

Slowly yet steadily, he familiarized himself with the Windows operating system and its various applications. Although, according to his father, equipping Humza with the necessary skills for the exam wasn’t easy, and the process took many months of preparation and research.

The Microsoft Certified Professional certification covers a range of Microsoft Technologies, including Windows installation, configuration, network management. The test validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. What sets Humza apart from other Microsoft Certified Professionals is his specialization in Microsoft Office Suite.

The test validates IT professional and developer technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven and industry-recognized exams.

According to Microsoft, the candidates for this exam are required to be familiar with primary MS Office Suite features, and to be able to demonstrate their understanding of the various applications of MS Office, which include editing large word documents, creating reports, making tables and multi- column newsletters.

The exposure to computers at an early age and the right guidance from his parents set Humza on a path that ultimately earned him the milestone. His future plans include launching a Silicon Valley-like global center for technology in the UK.

via BBC News

  • I mean seriously why would you do a story on this when even you know Microsoft does not keep a record of age anywhere? Its a cram-exam. Disappointed in ProPakistani

    • I agree to some extent. While it is worth mentioning, it is actually worth nothing in the long run. If learning means piling up worthless records or certificates, we really need to think.

  • Mazak bana diya hum pakistani logo nay is exam ko. Anyone can cram and memorize stuff. Unless you can properly analyze and implement the knowledge, memorizing stuff in isolation is useless…

  • MS should seriously think about it. Redesign things to avoid this Record Breaking Trend. ARIFA was enough but this one is ……

    • Kids are innocents. Its their parents who are attention whores. In case of Arfa, I dont really know. Perhaps she did have some serious achievement. Gates met him after all.

      • exactly… parents are spoiling their kinds to get fame…Arfa was different case and she got recognition what she deserved but unfortunately we lost her… but this race was actually started by Indians IT experts who started preparing their kinds to get fame and the same was followed by Pakistanis…

    • In-fact it shows how worthless MS Certifications have become. They really need to re-do it.

  • Now taking bets for the day when Cerelac khaata bacha acquires MS certification… :D

  • Such baat he esi news se ab bore ho gaye hein… Youngest certified specialist falan ban gya, falan ne itney points bnaye… Arfa kareem ne ye trend shuru kiya aur ab pakistani esi news se bore ho gye hein kyunke har 2 din baad koi pakistani technology specialist bn jata he XD
    Mein tou ye soch rha hu k ye microsoft walon ka exam de lu aur college k exams ko chor dun, microsoft waley zyada asan sunai dete hein .

      • Lol,
        When a pakistani-living in uk does a crime, hes a pakistani
        When a pakistani living in uk does something great, he’s british LOLZ

          • Bro? Either i live on mars, or you live under a rock, ENGLAND IS UK! Try using google maps someday, i heard it helps a person to SEE what the world looks like .

  • Arrgh.. enough with these type of News.. people are sick hearing this record breaking stuff. This is useless

  • I feel for the poor kid. Honestly at an age where the kids should be playing with toys and dirt and in playgrounds the poor kid is being exposed to hundreds of hours of electromagnetic waves and radiation and closed in a room in the dar computing environment.
    What kind of kids do we want them to be when they grow up.
    I reckon authorities in UK should check if the child is getting enough play and real fun time.

    • WTF I don’t even…

      The kid worked at his computer, not at a nuclear research facility where he will be exposed to electromagnetic waves and radiation LMAO.

      • Actually, there is a LITTLE bit of radiation in electronics, but nowhere near the amount required to harm a person .

        • There is little bit of radiation from everything, even humans by the concept of Blackbody. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation in itself. In fact, the ultraviolet radiations emitted from the sun are much more harmful than the radiations from any form of electronics, so this kid is actually safer sitting at home in front of his computer all day than playing outside.

          • Lol, i agree, except for the fact that he is also safe while outside mate, as the ozone layer blocks harmful UV radiation. If that layer were to be removed, then you could say he is safer inside than outside.

      • My brother if you think radiation is only at nuclear research facilities, I’d honestly advise you to do a bit of research on all the latest studies and findings in this area including wi-fi. We are constantly exposing ourselves to unnecessary amount of emissions including mobile phones.

  • em looking for the news internationally that youngest child ever who remind Quran. May Allah give right sense to all. parents should think about Aakhira, where we are going to live forever. fake world with fake fame. La Hau La Wala Quwwata iLLa Billa… Ameen

  • ہونہار بروا کے چکنے چکنے پات۔ ہم کسی سے کم نہیں۔

  • The reason to publish this story is NOT to show the age factor, but the ability of a child who can do something that many avoid. In Karachi 1000s of youth are addicted to bad habits, like drugs, alcohol, bulgary, street crimes, shooting etc… on the other hand this kid who is just 6 has done a job that pro like me havent attempted… (plz dont start cursing me) coz this certificate wont matter for me. I have super skills that are paying me off. Anyways, I appreicate this kid and his parents who did a great job. I wish if they could publish the methodology and the process that they researched on how to train such a small age kid to acquire the knowledge of adults and store it in his brain and process it at lighting speed.

  • Where is the clause in Microsoft Exam that you should have this number of years of experience before even become eligible for the exam. exam is no issue. just cram the dumps and 75% of it always comes from those dumps. readily available on Internet.

    I think, if any of IT professionals interviews the kid for a specific problem. he will fail because cramming and having a skill is different.

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