Bramerz Acquires Dexteam

Bramerz today announced acquisition of DEXTEAM, a new-media startup, to strengthen its presence in Karachi. Bramerz, founded in 2006, specializes in e-commerce and online content monetization products and services.


The acquisition was announced by Zeeshan Saleem, Cofounder & CEO of Bramerz. Zeeshan said,

Pakistan has 130 million mobile subscribers and is all set to be the next Asian tiger, especially in the digital & mobile spaces. Within 8 months of launch of 3G/4G services, 12 million users have already subscribed to the service. Demand for digital products & content will grow enormously in the coming months. And this acquisition is the first step towards capturing this huge opportunity.

The Founder and CEO of DEXTEAM, Adeel Hashmi said

Bramerz has always been an innovative and inspirational brand in the digital marketing industry in Pakistan. There could not be a better pairing and this is the way forward for the industry to grow.

Adeel is now part of Bramerz as General Manager and will steer the growth of the company in the south region of Pakistan.

Recently, Badar Khushnood, Google’s former Country Representative, also joined the Bramerz as a Partner.

Partner and VP, Amer Sarfraz, also added,

With Badar and Adeel (former Nokia) joining the Bramerz team, we now have world-class talent, knowledge and expertise to grow further & faster in the digital landscape and scale globally.


  • Bramerz is a fishy operation like axact, they are not even PASHA members. Their offices & operations must be investigated by FIA. Badar Khushnood has been fired from Google over allegations of corruption and misuse of funds, this country needs to wake up and stop praising plunderers.

    • I smell jealousy … learn to appreciate your people who are doing an excellent work

  • I congratulate Bramerz on their expansion … knowing Adeel Hashmi since long time and Badar Khushnood as professional gentlemen … i must say that Bramerz is good at attracting the best of Pakistan’s talent. ~ Keep up the good work, Team Bramerz.

  • Dexteam is a fraudulent company who has been blacklisted by numerous vendors in Karachi for their miscommitment and immature behavior and also not paying employee salaries for 6 months. Their merger with bramerz was after DEXTEAM got shutdown due to bankruptcy and not being able to pay their employee salries over a sum of 3 million and office rent.

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