DeliveryTen: A Startup where On-Time Deliveries Make All the Difference

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In today’s world however, one can easily modify this age-old quote to say that it’s not necessity but rather convenience that’s the most important thing.


That’s the word that Shahid Rana, CEO and founder of the Islamabad-based DeliveryTen rallied behind to open his one-size-fits all online delivery services in Islamabad. An alum of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, he graduated in 2011 with his MBA in Finance.

deliveryten Founders - Shahid Rana (right side) and Mudassir Rehman (left side)

The Founders – Shahid Rana (right side) and Mudassir Rehman (left side)

The new startup is already making waves in Islamabad with its no-excuses, no-fuss-no-muss delivery policy.

To know more about what is behind DeliveryTen’s success, ProPakistani went behind the scenes to interview this 7-people-strong startup, and how they are breaking into the already crowded online delivery marketplace in Pakistan.

Tell us the story of how DeliveryTen came into being.

The year was 2014. Food ordering and delivering services like EatOye and Foodpanda and other small startups were showing how much scope there was in the previously-hesitant Pakistani populace to make orders online.

The food aspect was covered. We wanted to do more for people. We wanted to deliver medicines, books, documents, movie tickets and so on. You name it, we didn’t just think it. We actually did it.

Now the Islamabad online delivery services landscape has a lot of vibrant entrants and we have competition from other startups like Fatafat Services, Food to Home, Delivery Uncle and more.

The market as you said was crowded and you wanted to branch out into fulfilling other needs of your customer. What do you think proved instrumental behind your success?

DeliveryTen was looking to target a broad spectrum of the online delivery services market. But if I were to choose the one reason why we made a name for DeliveryTen, it was our insistence on honoring deliveries on time. And one more thing that was important was that we took utmost care with our deliveries.

Sometimes we had fondant cakes that needed adequate protection from the heat, sometimes a bulk order of medicine bottles that had to be handled with care, etc. So it was not just getting stuff delivered that ensured that we got repeat customers. It’s also about caring for the requirements brought about by the nature of the deliveries. That required our attention as well. We groomed our network of riders to handle things with care.

How has the response of the Pakistani consumer been with DeliveryTen?

We were quite pleasantly surprised by the great response from the beginning. We had a solid business model for DeliveryTen, one that we still continue to adhere to. We put no compromises, no excuses on the delivery times. And that I think is why the Pakistani consumer is not just warming to the idea of using an online delivery service like DeliveryTen, but also reposing confidence into the greater Pakistani e-Commerce landscape.

Any interesting highlight at your time at DeliveryTen?

We were adjudged one of the best at the ‘Top 100 startups of Pakistan’ event that was held in the Pakistan China Friendship Center recently.

Tell us about the who’s who at DeliveryTen? The Team?

Apart from our ever-growing fleet of riders and vehicles, at the very start, it was just us 7 who made DeliveryTen transition from an idea into a fledging startup.

Here is the DeliveryTen team:

  1. Shahid Rana – Founder and CEO
  2. Mudassir Rehman – Co-Founder
  3. Ibaad ur Rehman – Manager (Finance)
  4. Faizan – Manager (Operations)
  5. Omaer Shahzad – Digital Media and Designer
  6. Arslan – Social Media Expert
  7. Syeda Zahra – Customer Relationship Manager

The deiveryten Team sharing a light moment in front of the camera at the Pak China Friendship Center.

The Team sharing a light moment in front of the camera at the Pak China Friendship Center.

What can you predict about the future of delivery services in Pakistan? Are you thinking of expanding to other cities?

We have just started. There remains quite an untapped market in Pakistan for making deliveries no matter which city or locality you live in.  For now we have learnt a lot in our time in Islamabad and we will be using these insights as we expand into other cities. We do understand that each city requires its own unique touch. So it’s going to be a challenge. One that we are capable of taking on.

If you were to give a word of advice for other budding Pakistani entrepreneurs, what would that be?

The startup scene, as any entrepreneur would tell you, is all about having a vision and been dedicated to that vision against all odds. Knowing your market is also important as is the understanding of how technology can help you achieve those goals. In short, success only comes to those who try and try irrespective of the hurdles.

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  • TCS has not let me down till now. Always on time some times earlier then expected. These guys will have to do something really amazing to woo me

  • They have Rawalpindi listed as an option for delivery in the form but they don’t deliver in Rawalpindi. Why even put a city as an option if you don’t deliver there. Playing with the emotions of a foodie…Sadness…

    Hope your team looks into a pricing model for delivery in Rawalpindi. I wouldn’t mind paying delivery charges for delivery in Rawalpindi.

    BTW excellent initiative and goodluck!

    • Thanks for Wish. May Allah Bless you.

      We are working on it. The development of Delivery Routes and Time constraint limit us to delivery Boundaries. Soon we will expand to other cities.

  • Its easy for most of us to criticize, while it take real efforts to get started with a business model. Wishing success to Delivery Ten Startup (Shahid & His Team)…

    Cheers! :)

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