Line Launches PopCorn Buzz for Free Conference Call of upto 200 People

LINE has announced the official launch of “Popcorn Buzz,” a free group call app that allows up to 200 participants to simultaneously converse. App is currently available for Android only.

Popcorn Buzz offers powerful group call functionality perfect for just about any situation. Popcorn Buzz can be used to talk with friends and family, catch up with classmates, make plans with club members, and more.

On top of that, Popcorn Buzz is a perfect replacement for existing paid business-grade conference call services. For users that need to talk to multiple people at once, Popcorn Buzz accommodates both personal and business usage, all for free.

Anyone can get started with Popcorn Buzz simply by choosing a username and uploading a profile picture. By sending out each group call’s unique URL via email, text message, or another communication method of the user’s choice, they can start making group calls with friends without any delay.

Additionally, existing LINE users can log in to Popcorn Buzz with their LINE account to immediately synchronize their friends’ list data and get started making group calls with their LINE friends right away.

During group calls, users can see all the other call members’ icons, and tell who is talking via the green dots that light up in the lower right-hand corner of current talking users’ icons.

An upcoming iPhone release is planned, along with the implementation of additional features such as group video chat, interconnectivity with LINE groups, and more in the future.

With its release, Popcorn Buzz seeks to redefine the limits of smartphone communication in a way that has never been done before.

Popcorn Buzz can be downloaded from Android’s play store here.

  • Seems like a paid advert otherwise pro Pakistani hardly ever include links to the source.

      • Sir jee paid posts always have a disclaimer indicating this post is a sponsored post :)

        • Aaare sir Aamir bhai waise hi itne tax lagne par pareshan hain, aur ab yahan bhi likhain sponsored post tu phir uska bhi tax dena parega na :-) Samjha karo na yaar….

          • Yar not about money, its about a blog having integrity. All major blogs do sponsored posts but they indicate clearly about it.

            If they were doing a review of a product/service alag baat thi, this is a complete shill piece.

            • Okay bhai mujhe asal main itna pata nahi hai na is bare main, abhi recently hi gaoon se flight pakar kar shehar aaya hon. Seekh jaonga aap jaise doston se by the passage of time :-)

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