Kaymu Karavan Completes its Unique Journey through Pakistan

Three cities, twenty locations, and ten days later, the #KaymuKaravan has finally completed its successful drive through Pakistan. The Kaymu Karavan began its journey from Karachi, drove up to Lahore, and then made a stop at Rawalpindi/Islamabad for the final phase of the campaign.

The objective of this initiative was to spread awareness around the benefits of using eCommerce platforms, as well as educating the general public on the fast growing online industry of Pakistan.

The activities kicked off from the City of Lights, Karachi, where the Kaymu Karavan was flocked by people interested in understanding the process of buying and selling on an online platform. A similar trend followed in Lahore and the final two days of the campaign were spent in the twin cities (Rawalpindi/Islamabad).

The #KaymuKarvan also distributed discount shopping vouchers worth thousands of rupees through multiple activities carried out across the three cities. In addition to that the Karavan was able to help multiple offline shopkeepers understand the dynamics and advantages of taking their business online.

The #KaymuKaravan was a unique attempt to take an online shopping community on the roads of Pakistan and directly to the people interested in buying and selling on online platforms. This initiative was able to raise meaningful questions amongst the general public on the eCommerce platforms present in Pakistan and increased awareness about this growing sector of the country.

Kaymu.pk plans to conduct similar activities to take their online platform directly to buyers and sellers in an attempt to build trust and increase awareness on online platforms. Other online ventures should follow this practice to boost Pakistan’s eCommerce industry.

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