Facebook Finally Allows More Control Over Your News Feed

Have an annoying Facebook friend whose constant status updates are constantly inundating your news feed? Well things surely became a bit easier for you with Facebook’s new and enhanced News Feed Preferences menu.

You get a list of options upon clicking it. You’ll be able to prioritize people whose stuff is most-important to you, unfollow profiles which are constantly filling your feed or re-follow them and discover new pages based on your previous page likes.

The first option allows you to remain updated with the people who matter most to you. Once you’ve selected their names, they’ll always be the first ones to show up on your news feed with a little star alongside their profiles, displaying all the content which was posted while you were away.

facebook news feed controls

The second option allows you to unfollow friends whose updates you don’t want. Now, this option was available before too, but this place will allow you to unfollow people in hordes, rather than painstakingly following a tiring process. You can also follow those people whom you’ve unfollowed in the past again.

Last in the chain is “Discover New Pages” which gives you suggestions of new pages, based on your existing likes. To access the new News Feed Preferences menu, click on More option in the bottom right of your phone, and select Settings.

The feature is available on iOS starting from today and will hit Android and the Web in the coming few weeks. With it, you’ll be able to achieve a more personalized experience on Facebook, rather than just the random, haphazard stuff.