PTA Bans Cordless Phones as They Disrupt 3G Frequencies

Pakistan telecommunication Authority is running a drive to curb the usage of cordless phones as they disrupt 3G services in the vicinity. Authority has termed these cordless phones illegal and said that no body should use them for their homes or offices.

PTA said that these phones are mostly dumped by European countries into places like Pakistan as they had started causing disruption in 1800Mhz band that run 3G services.

Cordless phones manufactured in Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong and Japan operate in 1800Mhz band which is used by Pakistani telecom operators for 3G services.

Due to similar frequency these cordless phones disrupt 3G services in areas where they are used and cause serious trouble for cellular users.

PTA said that its Enforcement Division and zone offices in Karachi, Lahore, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi have held several meetings with the officials of FIA, Police, Chambers of Commerce, trade Unions, Importers, Vendors and Sellers of telecom equipments in their respective zones to aware them about the issues caused by cordless phones.

PTA has warned importers, distributors, sellers and users of cordless phones, to refrain from selling or using these phones otherwise legal action shall be taken against them through Law Enforcement Agencies including FIA.

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      • I dont even get it when rest of the world is giving 3g ,4g operators 50-70 mhz of band our PTA was so happy when it auctioned just 5 to 10 mhz each.

  • most of the cordless phones are using 2.4 Ghz same frequency as most of wifi routers do.

  • Use 2.4 Ghz voice scramble enabled cordless available in market instead. They violate the PTA’s law neither do interrupt the frequency. On top, have a minor bandwidth spectrum and establish an encrypted channel which doesn’t interfere with 4G or various bands.
    PS: Imagine the top official’s offices and homes without cordlesses. They would die in a day!

      • Bro, the charm of free ptcl services (landline, mobile minutes, internet & overseas calls) given as a package cant be used via mobile!
        Hope you got it.
        Let’s see, how FIA crackdowns on these Baboos!

        • Dear Bro, Sometime i feel comfortable to use mobile to enjoy the services of call/internet/oversea call due to cheaper prices PLUS mobility

          • Navy, another charm is to call internal extensions while walking here and there freely.

    • Why would cordless phone work on frequencies other than 2.4 GHz or any other public allocated frequencies? 1800 MHz or any other frequency used by the Telecos are private and needed to be purchased before using them. So, if a cordless is using a private frequency then govt can ban them or even create a case for using a private frequency without purchasing. Even if the cordless company had purchased them, then the devices wouldn’t be cheap.

  • Got a free cordless from ptcl so it is pakistan certified.

    On a more serious note the decision could be taken upon usage long range cordless phones like more than a km range these can cause disruption in 3g/4g services. Domestic cordless phones dont have that range.

    • Right said.
      Further I think Pak 3G operates in 2100MHz and 4G in 1800MHz. Am I wrong?

      • Yes. You are perfectly right. Basically it’s 3G up link band being interfered by cordless down link frequency.

  • It is very strange to see the level of article and discussions here on this website and elsewhere on Pakistani forums. PTA notification is ambiguous and neither did it try to cite proper reasons for technical community for its action. Please note, NOT all cordless phones have been banned. Only DECT 6.0 phones have been banned by PTA. There are many types of cordless phones. DECT is one of them and it uses digital technology. In turn, DECT has many versions. There are two major types with respect to frequencies used by DECT phones. One type uses 1880 – 1900 MHz (1.88 – 1.9 GHz) and is used in Europe, South Africa and Hong Kong. The other type uses 1920 – 1930 MHz (1.92 – 1.93 GHz) frequency band. The second type is used in USA and Canada. This second type, used in North America, is what is commonly called as DECT 6.0. Both types are incompatible with each other. Type I, used in Europe, is BANNED in North America by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Industry Canada. Type II i.e. DECT 6.0 is BANNED in Europe by European Telecommunication Authorities. There is nothing unusual that PTA has done about its use in Pakistan. Only that there is no proper spectrum regulation in Pakistan. We use some equipment from USA and some from Europe and either of these equipment are built according to frequency regulations of these respective regions. We don’t have our own proper frequency and spectrum usage policy which is very important from commercial and military perspectives. Moreover, instead of just banning DECT 6.0 phones, standard bodies and PTA should come up with our own regulations and standards, including allowed frequency bands, for cordless phones. If they have done something about it, the information should be widely disseminated. Please note China used 2.4 GHz ISM band for cordless phones. Furthermore, except DECT 6.0, ALL OTHER CORDLESS PHONES ARE STILL ALLOWED.

    • We had actually asked the people at PTA and their response was that ONLY PTA APPROVED cordless phones are legal for us on our PTCL landlines. When asked for a list of these they pointed us to their website where there are a few models of cordless phones which are approved. From these none appeared to be available in Pakistan.

      So what do we do then? Using any other cordless phone you are liable to get into trouble again.

  • I’ve just been served a notice to surrender my cordless phone without them providing any alternative. People at both PTA and CMPAK are sleeping and incompetent. They didn’t bother to do their homework before launching 3G service here. Why must the consumer pay for the idiocies being committed at PTA and CMPAK???? :/

    • Same thing has been faced by me too. in last week some guy visited my home in day time and asked which cordless we r using and after seeing that they had issued us LEGAL NOTICE and asked us to surrender our cordless.. despite of surrendering it within two days my PTCL no is still got blocked.. way too much.

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