Mobilink Expands its 3G Networks to Over 200 Cities

Mobilink claims to have become first Pakistani Telco to expand its 3G network to over 200 cities in the country. Mobilink said that it sped up its 3G network expansion by adding 178 cities, to the existing 31, in the first half of 2015 alone.

Already the largest 3G network in Pakistan —  in terms of subscribers and network stretch — Mobilink ensured its rapid 3G expansion was not hampering performance by certifying optimal performance in each area before moving on to the next.

Coinciding with Mobilink’s vision to bridge the digital divide prevalent in the country, this milestone has been achieved in just over a year since the commercial launch of high speed mobile internet in Pakistan. During the course of 2015, Mobilink has expanded its 3G network across the country by providing comprehensive coverage in metros, smaller cities, and towns across the four provinces.

In order to encourage the use of 3G and increase awareness in these newly connected areas, Mobilink also offers its subscribers free 3G for a limited period of time, which has been appreciated by people from all walks of life.

“Mobilink is playing a leading role in expanding the high speed broadband infrastructure in Pakistan. Being the first operator to launch 3G in more than 200 cities strengthens our position as the largest 3G network and also proves Mobilink’s commitment in bridging the digital divide by making a technologically advanced Pakistan,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CCO & Deputy CEO Mobilink.

Further elaborating on the benefits to the public of a strong 3G presence, and the change in local trends, he stated, “3G broadband facilitates access to knowledge and is a key factor that positively impacts the social-economic canvas in the country. While call and text performance are important aspects of mobile communications, people are now relying more on the internet to for their productivity and entertainment needs. Mobilink remains committed to providing the benefits of a solid high-speed internet connection to every Pakistani, in every nook and corner of the country.”

To support its 3G services, Mobilink has in place a fiber optic infrastructure that expands to over 8000 kilometers coupled with the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment and a well versed team of professionals.

Mobilink’s 3G network connects millions of people who use the Telco’s superior internet speeds and affordable data packages for education, businesses, communication, entertainment, and e-learning purposes.

  • policy of mobilink is to install 1 3G tower in every city so that they could claim numbers, like 200 cities then 300 and so on. they don’t have any idea about blanket coverage.

    • What make you say that? Its unfeasible and unrealistic approach and I don’t think any company will consider this.

      • He is right. in Faisalabad Mobilink started 3g with 25 % coverage at the time to 3g testing. than addmore 25% coverage. and untill now Mobilink only covered 50% city. main areas of the city like Jaranwala Road and University of agriculture and Jhang road etc still lacks 3g coverage.

        • There is a difference in one tower and 25% of the city. Btw, 25% of the city pretty much make sense.

          • FSD is 3rd largest city they even don’t have coverage in Karachi and Lahore and that’s the reason they don’t post coverage map like others …its just marketing gimmick ….i can name you cities where they claim 3g but they have only one 3g tower

          • In cities like Fsd and Lhr if u didnt hv cover 50% city means you are not providing 3g coverage to 50 lac and 80 lac citizens respectively. So which company should be better? Who covers complete but less number of cities or a company like Mobilink who cover 50% of every city and forget about remaining 50%?
            Infact Warid LTE has a better coverage in Fsd than Mobilink 3G

          • it doesn’t work like this. its only how far the signals can reach from the antenna. if 5mhz can reach 50 meters then 10mhz can reach upto 100 meters. number of users connected depends totally on the devices installed inside the cell tower. :-)

    • You are absolutely correct about that. Even in capital city islamabad and the adjacent Rawalpindi have a huge number of areas which are still not upgraded to 3G. e.g. One tower near my home was upgraded more than 6 months ago but the tower which provides service to my home is still not upgraded. This is just one case more than half areas are not upgraded, they still claim, they have covered my city.

  • the only network which don’t have coverage map and has poorest 3g coverage & speed

  • I used to enjoy good speed in Lahore for 4 month but from last 2 week the speed is slower than 2G and coustomer care says that there is no commitment of speed.

  • what ever u guys say or experience i m getting more speed on mobilink3g then zong 4g on downloads.
    infact i got only 3bars on mobilink 3g and full bars on Zong 4g.
    Karachi N. Nazimabad near hyderi

    • I’m too at Haidery North Nazimabad Karachi & experienced worst 3g service of mobilink. Despite of being at same location the network constantly degrades to GPRS(not even edge) from 3g & remain degraded for quite long intervals plus no blanket coverage in Karachi. You will experience more pathetic service while on the go & mobilink isn’t even providing edge. H+ will constantly downgrades to G every now & than

  • Is it only with me or Mobilink has capped their 3G at 2Mbps Downlink speed and around 1.5Mbps Uplink speed.

  • Mobilink Shameless, pathetic,
    so called 3G Service in Tehsil Jampur District Rajanpur. 3G is running
    constantly less than 1 Mbps even I was using Unlock Huawei 150 Mbps 4G Dongle.
    In the city, most of facing problem to use 3G Service due to lack of 3G signals.
    If any fortunate guy is receiving Signal then signal is switching to 2G à HSPA+ à 2G

    • mera bahi i get 3.5G signal (3 points) but speed is less than 1 mb.

      Mazboot tareen ghatiya pan of mobilink.

      warid is best & telenor 2nd best.

      • No Doubt Mobilink have strong Network as Warid have. Both Warid & Mobilink has strong back from Ericsson. Mobilink Upgraded its entire network on Ericsson. I am unable to understand if both Warid & Mobilink have same vendor Ericsson then Why there is huge difference of performance ???
        10 MHz Maboot Network means More BTS need to deploy in Coverage Area for quality service which mean Addition of Cost which ultimately END CONSUMER will have to pay….
        The Policy – Providing 1-3 Mbps to Each customer is not digestable….

        • Only maybelink is using Ericsson central 2 Region, core network is still a mix and match of others like fruit chaat. Warid has end to end Ericsson. If Warid will managed to get another 5Mhz in next couple of months than you will see not one can even thing about the performance Warid will have.

        • *** I think nowadays there is a serious issue in mobilink system and its management team does not seem interested to resolved this issue… unless or untill they will be got showcase notice from PTA.

  • ***** Mobilink 3g is the 3rd class standard & worst network in karachi… speed not more than 40-50 kbps for the last 2 months..! At starting, it seems that mobilink installed/hired 3g equipments on rent now they returned to the tenant..!

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