Zong’s Website Gets Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Zong’s official website has been hacked by a Pakistani hacker group called “Pakistan Haxors Crew”. Interestingly, the hackers didn’t deface main page of Zong’s website. Instead, they inserted an html webpage on Zong’s server, which was available at the time of reporting.

Pakistan Haxors Crew, who have previously hacked and defaced high-value websites including Geo TV, PTV and others, didn’t mention the reason for hacking. Seemingly the sole reason for hacking the website is to prove that Zong’s web security is not up to the mark.

It is still unclear if any customer data was compromised and taken into a dump or not but seemingly no data on the website was damaged.

Here’s the injected page: https://www.zong.com.pk/X.htm (Update: Page is removed now).

Below is the screen-shot of Zong’s website:


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  • Zong has the worst technical support..!! Two days ago, it ate my Rs.160 with no reason..!! I was also trying to do its 1GB package, always a message popped up, “Operation Failed, Try Again A Bit Later”. Zong deserves it..!! Keep It Up, Hackers..!!

  • I tried quite a few times to port out of Zong, but they never reply you when you send a message to 667. I went to their franchise, they told me to call help line, when I called help line they asked me to visit their business center, I couldn’t make to their business center though since it is far away from my location. This is how they keep their customers locked in, simply pathetic!!!

    • If you visited customer service center not franchise, there is no way to ask you to contact helpline. Second if they didn’t solve your issue, you can simply contact PTA and register your issue with them and it will be solved within 3 to 5 working days.

    • Same Issue with me.I also visited Franchise but they are saying that “The feature of MNP is not available at our Franchise please visit Service Centre OR Call 310.When I call at 310 they are saying that Please visit our Service Centre OR Franchise for facilitation…And Service Centre is Far away from my location as well.

  • This will have no effect on zong as zong and all other big companies host their website at different server which are not connected to their main infrastructure

  • Hackers are quite impressive in what they can achieve. Don’t know why they have to assert their presence with such absurd writing/language (mixing numbers and alphabets).

  • Only Website is compromises no data lose as its not linked with internal or external data servers …

  • Zong call center staff is pathetic, they have zero information, awful company but 4G is good

      • I don’t know about other cellular companies but i have been using Ufone since 13 years and they have the best call center, ported my number to zong and first impression was very poor call center, otherwise their signals and 3G/4G are great, they should focus on their weak sections to have corporate clients which I don’t think they will ever get with this current call center

    • Absolutely right!! Pathetic call center staff. If you are prepaid customer your call doesn’t get through or it gets through after several hours and when you tell them about a problem, they blame you instead! I am so glad that I ported back to Warid!

    • they are only best at making ads, i remember when my addon service was failing to unsubscribe and i took it to service center, but even they they failed to unsubscribe me.
      Switched to mobilink and never had a problem

  • I think it can’t effect over a company who invest allot, they host their website at different server, which help them to secure their main data.

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