Future Android Phones Will Come With Fewer Pre-Installed Apps

To people who are always worried that their phones are too overloaded with unused software, good days may finally have arrived. According to Android Central, Google has permanently loosened its restrictions on the software that needs to come on every phone.

There are a number of Google apps and services which you’ll be seeing lesser and lesser in the future, including Google+, Google News, Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Newsstand and more.

Of course, things are never too simple. As several services like Google+, Newsstand and Gmail are linked to each other, OEMs aren’t allowed to preload them as standalone services.

Also, if a new OEM wants to add Google’s services to its handsets, the version running on the phone will go through mandatory testing from Google itself to be dubbed compatible with existing versions. Of course, many choose not to go through this way and prime examples of that would be Nokia and Amazon who have used Android in the past without including services from its maker.

This means that the era of pre-installed bloatware might finally be over. While in a lot of existing phones you can already disable these services, a root is usually required for a coup d’état. More recently, however, phones like Note 5 exclude apps like Google+ to begin with, which is a positive trend and will hopefully be carried on.

For users of this services, however, they’ll always be available and ready to download without a hitch from the Play Store.