Warid Launches Mahana Offer

Warid Telecom has launched this Mahana Offer for its prepaid customers allowing them to enjoy 1500 calling minutes from Warid to Warid numbers, 50 minutes from Warid to other mobile networks, 1500 SMS and 1500 MBs of Warid’s LTE Internet, all this for just Rs. 499, inclusive of all taxes.

Mahana Offer

  • Warid to Warid: 1500 minutes
  • Warid to other networks: 50 minutes
  • SMS for all networks: 1500
  • Mobile internet: 1500 MB

Mahana Offer Charges:

  • Rs 499 inclusive of taxes


  • Dail: *99*33#

Mahana Offer Details:

  • Mobile internet can be used for 2G and 4G both
  • To check free resources dial *200*506#
  • After free resources are used, tariff will be charged as per package plan
  • Re-subscription of bundle is allowed
  • Different voice and SMS bundles can be subscribed with offer
  • Dial charges of *99*33# are Rs 1+tax
  • Validity of bundle is 30 days
  • Offer is only for all Prepaid commercial packages
  • Changes in offer is at discretion of Warid
  • This a limited time offer
  • Standard terms, conditions , taxes and call setup charges apply
  • Your SIM is your identity. Only use SIM issued through Biometric Verification- PTA

    • Dear Warid u have to increase off net mins.Although we like ur network but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add off net mins

    • If it’s by loading 499 then cool otherwise it’s all time faarig offer. cuz u need offnet minutes

    • it’s written “INCLUSIVE of Taxes” … So if it’s true then only Rs 500 are to be loaded to get this offer.

    • You only need to pay “500”. It is just like Ufone Supercard! I have been using Zong’s monthly 500 offer, just go to shopkeeper and ask him to load Warid’s monthly supercard or something, he will take 500 and you will have that monthly offer. It’s quite simple you know.. They’re all following the footsteps of Ufone’s super card, just can’t name it the same hence, this confusion of people thinking you need to load more than 500, which you don’t!

    • Yes, you have Rs. 666 balance in your account for package activation and you need more balance for 12 paisa call set-up charges.

  • Telenor is giving best weekly offer in only 95 Rs. which gives 70 offnet min. after that ufone is good which gives 150 offnet min in 500 Rs. in a month. Still warid is too far as compared to these networks. You have to load 666 Rs. to get this offer as I think. Sheikh ki soch paisy k mamly sb say agay hi hoti

      • Yes, there offer is more affordable but, there internet speed sucks big time. I am getting 280 kbps max and that too very rarely.

    • Actually, Zong is the best. 1500 On net Mins, 150 Offnet, 1500 SMS, 1500 MBs (for both 3G and LTE) in just 500 (no additional charges). I’ve been using that offer for a few months now and it beats Ufone’s Supercard hands down! Oh and, in these offers which are “inclusive of tax” you only need to pay the amount which is written which in this case is 500. No taxes!

  • Warid should follow the others , the offer should be via card or load at Rs 500 ! Otherwise too much expensive !

  • Very Expensive Offer, its means I need Rs. 670+ balance for package activation and need more balance for 12 paisa call set-up charges… MASHAALLAH :-)

  • IMO it is useless offer because you can get zong 2 zong + sms whole month for 320 charge only sorry i later saw it offer of WARID

  • great but should off-net minutes should be around 150 to 200 to compete with Ufone and Telenor, otherwise 3/10 marks :D
    as majority don’t have 4G mobiles, so Rs. 500 for 2G net is of no worth

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