Mobilink to Lead Digital Revolution in Pakistan: Aamir Ibrahim

After being in conventional telecom business for over 20 years in the country, Mobilink is now all geared up to reshape the digital revolution in Pakistan by capitalizing its market position through innovating new solutions that it aims to offer to Pakistanis during the next five years, said Aamir Ibrahim, Deputy CEO of Mobilink in an interview with ProPakistani.

Considering the prevailing trends, Pakistan is expected to have over 40 million smartphone users by 2018, who on-average will spend around 2.5 hours per day on mobile devices, creating a definitive demand for mobile-first solutions and that is exactly the area that Mobilink is hoping to tap.

Watching HD movies online, paying your cafeteria bills through mobile account by simply tapping the phone, paying tolls through an app configured to deduct money from your bank account on pay-as-you-go basis, registering a complaint with your power company, getting to know about your kids’s class schedule and the syllabus details, checking out the closest gym in the vicinity and getting registered there by paying via credit card, browsing malls online and then making purchases for things ranging from apparels to groceries, staying in touch with your FnF through Skype conference calls, collaborating with your colleagues through your company’s in-house collaboration app and much much more; all is going to be possible soon and that too with few clicks only through a device that you carry all the time, i.e. smartphone.

“We will have to ultimately create internet properties that will solve real-life problems” – Aamir Ibrahim

Aamir Ibrahim is ambitiously working on bringing all these digital and mobile first solutions to Mobilink customers with-in next few years.

Aamir believes that world of digital technology will take us closer to achieving real life progress and this is the only way forward for a developing country like Pakistan to make a mark at a global scale.

He candidly admitted that he will have to start the digitalization of his organization internally prior to anything else, such as making Mobilink a paper-less organization and whole bunch of other things to become a true digital organization or an m-company.

When asked if such digitalization or transformation is going to impact certain policies of company, such as hiring process or how Mobilink deals with its employees, Aamir said that technology helps in bettering the processes and this change will naturally impact our lives internally in a positive way at several levels.

Aamir_Ibrahim_01Along side internal work-style shift, Mobilink is working on digitalization of products and services in parallel. For example they are working on e-care solutions to ultimately allow customers to subscribe or unsubscribe to services and products through a single click, or to pay their bills via Mobicash initially and then down the line via credit cards in real time all through a simple mobile app.

Aamir said that these are some modest steps they are taking in order to realize the true dreams of a digital revolution. He aims for Mobilink to become a solution provider, instead of just an infrastructure company, where it will have in-house solutions for all sorts of digital needs.

He revealed that Mobilink is currently working on store-front applications right now, payment gateway and other similar services that are going to be in-house. Additionally, Mobilink is also working on various partnerships to produce products and solutions for end-users ranging from content development to daily life utilities.

Without sharing any details, Aamir told me that there are a lot of interesting things happening at the group level and with-in Pakistan to create a reason for users to be on internet. “We will have to ultimately create internet properties that will solve real-life problems”, said Aamir.

While agreeing with me about the challenges that Mobilink may face during the ride, Aamir was optimistic that other stakeholders, such as government, will get convinced about the potential that technology has to transform the lives to help each and every individual of our society.

Aamir also showed me a video, that describes his company’s vision of Digital Revolution. You can watch it below:

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        • Nhi krein ge :P kyunke they know that this will only allow the competing companies to gain an edge . E.g. agr kisi eik telelco ne auction join krkey sarey licenses le liye tou????

      • Mobilink, Warid agree over in-market consolidation

        By Abrar Hamza October 02, 2015

        KARACHI: VimpelCom, a parent company of Mobilink, and the Abu Dhabi Group, a major sponsor of Warid Telecom, have agreed over in-market consolidation in the Pakistani cellular sector by merging their respective subsidiaries, Daily Times learnt.

        The industry sources said the launch of 4G/LTE services made Warid an attractive case for VimpelCom, which closed the deal with the Abu Dhabi Group to acquire its subsidiary, Warid Telecom.

        “Mobilink’s bid for the merger and acquisition of Warid reached beyond the advance levels, as Mobilink had completed due-diligence of Warid two months ago, while the merger of both companies is expected to be announced officially in January 2016,” sources privy to the deal told this scribe.

        If sources are to be believed, Mobilink, being a market leader in terms of subscription, is likely to shift significant load of subscribers on Warid’s network, and then the buyer may utilise Warid’s 4G /LTE network, subject to be approval of the regulator.

        Sources said Warid would remain a separate entity and the name of company wouldn’t be changed by VimpelCom initially, but the Dubai-based cellular phone company would keep about 20 to 30% shares as its ownership.

        The main advantage of this merger for the users of both companies could be perceived that the Warid users would have the option of 3G while Mobilink’s customers could avail 4G services, as currently both companies have these facilities separately.

        With the lowest subscribers’ base in the market, Warid has large space available on its spectrum, thus Mobilink can shift its significant load on Warid’s network to gain better quality of service, while 4G aspirants of Mobilink would be moved to Warid network, they added.

        The sources disclosed that although the necessary arrangements and negotiations have almost been finalised between both parties, the sale purchase agreement is expected to be signed by the end of this year, which would seal the overall deal.

        Sources were unaware about the negotiated price and other financial matters because of the talks held between the parent companies of both local telecom operators but the details are being kept secret.

        This market consolidation can bring some unfortunate consequences for Warid’s current vendor, Ericsson, as VimpelCom and Ericsson don’t share good business ties historically, so it is a probability that after the official announcement of the merger, VimpelCom would not keep Ericsson as Warid’s vendor, sources claimed.

        Due to this merger, thousands of Ericsson’s workers in Pakistan, who manage Warid’s technical affairs, are likely to be at stake, however if Mobilink cancels Ericsson’s contract, it has to compensate the vendor as Ericsson signed the contract with Warid for two years in April 2014, source added.

        The industry experts attributed substantial liabilities as the main reason for failure of Warid sell off in the past with many telecom giants, but heavy investment to launch 4G last year paid well for Warid.

        The Mobilink’s spokesman declined to comment on the news saying, “We don’t comment on market rumours or speculation,” while Warid’s official also refused to comment on the ongoing developments.

      • They’re still using data usage logging tech from 1995. Every month I get my postpaid bill for mobilink and its a waste of paper with 20 pages of listing for data in chunks of 64kb each. They need to mature up and make things easy. Just friggin mention how much GBs or MBs I used each day or each hour instead of wasting 20 papers.

        I’ve not subscribed to ebilling but even when solving a dispute, I call them up about my data usage on a particular day and the support tech was telling me in kilo bytes.. ‘sir kal aap ne six four seven three six five seven four data use kiya’ .. “yeh kilo bites hain ya kilo bytes”..’sir im not sure’ …

  • Hahaha. The network that has the biggest postpaid customer base and does not offer a easy to use self-care solution to them is going to lead the digital revolution. Sure!

  • Mobilink first improve your GPRS & 3G connectivity experience, corporate customer support is simply pathetic, MobiCash product has so many issues, then talk and work on your digital revolution.

  • What’s a digital organization? Company I work for still has process manuals works just fine.

  • Phly apni 3g internet ki speed to si krlo worst tareen speed jo meny aj tk continuosly use ki hy ksi bi network ki 3g ki wo Mobilink ki hy…. HD video to door simple bi stream ni si hoti … Mobilink farigh network :/

  • Aamir is dreaming because I am 100% sure he is not aware of the old legacy in his company that will not allow him to do anything. He needs good dedicated team of his own … fresh blood induction on key roles to ensure that his dreams can see success… Good luck to him…

    • Aamir has leadership skills and he has done many structural changes in management hierarchy. Also in parallel he is making Mobilink a paperless organization.
      On the otherwise, he has an understanding about upcoming needs of Pakistan and accordingly gearing up to lead digital revolution.
      One should expect positive from the leading telco of Pakistan. Change cannot come overnight. I wish good luck to Amir.

      Fahad Siddiqui

  • There are alot of rumours around that Mobilink is going to change its name to Jazz .. looks like they aim to come out with a bang in the near future .. exciting times ahead !

  • Weekly Package was the only one I appreciated the most but if your provided image is authentic then Mobilink won’t be cheap anymore in terms of internet packages.

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  • Ek zamana tha jab log kisi se number maangtey thay tu us k number batanay se pehlay he 0300 likh letey thay assuming k network tu Mobilink he hoga. It shows that Mobilink did not pay attention to retain its customers and their high rates and fake marketing activities facilitated competing companies to grab market share..

  • Buddy Warid Or Mobilink Merge Ho Rahay Hain is Liay Packege K Rate Increase Kar Diay Hain Ta K After Official Announcement Koi Best Offer Dain Gay

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