Daraz Will Let Everyone Make Money by Reselling Their Products

Daraz has opened registrations for its sales program named DForce. The program will allow anyone and everyone to partner with Daraz and resell their products to their friends and family — mainly those who aren’t online yet or have limited access to internet – and earn a notable commission.


The program is open for all individuals who want to make some extra cash as Daraz is planning to pay them a profit on every sale of a product that’s available on Daraz.

Whether it’s your family, friends, neighbors or customers of your own, DForce will allow you to reap benefits from your sales skills.

According to Shahrukh Chaudhary, who is leading the project at Daraz.PK, the aim behind DForce is to improve the level of trust in e-commerce and to reach out in communities where online advertising will not be able to. By making people active advocates of products on Daraz, the company’s offline reach could increase dramatically.

All that’s needed to get started is your name, email, city and mobile phone number. Once you have registered, a Daraz employee will explain the program in detail and give information regarding payouts and other terms and conditions.

It bears mentioning that Daraz Bangladesh already has a DForce program which was piloted in universities as a way for students and young professionals to utilize their networks and make extra cash on the side. It remains to be seen whether Daraz Pakistan will replicate that strategy.


We are unclear about the commission rates or the products that DForce members will be able to re-sell.

You can register to become a Daraz Business Partner here


  • I have a feeling that daraz isn’t finding a huge success in Pakistan. Many laptops on their website are smuggled ones, their prices are still higher from market. And they just don’t want to disrupt traditional shops and malls by reducing prices.

  • Nice move . I think now it will be possible for everyone to sell Quality products on profit by reasonable way. m waiting for the agent to contact me i have something to sell over. Daraz is most popular n trusted e-commerce site

  • Thats great. I was always an advocate of e-commerce and now I might be able to make money out of it :)

  • Such a big website and they don’t have registration page on their own site but using Google Docs?

  • <<<<>>>>>>
    SELLING products which you don’t have in stock…??
    Getting Commission from the transaction, without know the fate of deal is being truly a disgusting Pakistani moral value.
    Holding other’s payments/funds and generating interest for yourself PLUS revolving payments from one hand to another again reflects being a Pakistani attitude.
    NO escrow closing option.
    NO check / control on offerings being made on YOUR portal.
    NO, etc……… 1000 other things which are BaD Code Of Conduct.
    ONLY IDiOT’s can sell or purchase from your website / portal.

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