Investomate: Pakistan’s First Free Online Mutual Funds Investment Portal

As far as investment options go, a mutual fund is one of the simplest options out there if you’re looking to enhance your savings. Unlike stocks which require investors to have an elementary understanding of mathematics, economics, accounting and finance, mutual funds are easier to grasp. Arguments can be made about risks and rate of returns vis-à-vis stocks vs mutual funds, but for those who want to invest and forget (well not forget exactly), the latter option seems good.

Having said that, recent statistics indicate that only a little above 200,000 people in Pakistan maintain a brokerage account. Why is it that such a woefully low number of investors in a developing country of 190 million have invested in a mutual fund?

The answer? Lack of awareness. This is where Investomate, Pakistan’s online mutual funds portal that’s free to use, comes in.

A Brief introduction of Pakistan’s First Free and Online Mutual Funds Investment Portal

Investomate is a registered entity that’s recognized by the Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP), the body overseeing mutual fund companies. Its credible and reputed for offering unbiased performance oriented investment advice to its clients. Many prominent investors are using Investomate’s state-of-the-art information system to make the best decisions for all stakeholders involved.

It is the brainchild of Mr. Akbar Tejani, an Associate Chartered Accountant with 13 years’ experience in the financial sector. People weren’t using mutual fund investments on a level that they should, especially in a developing country like Pakistan. In order to mitigate this issue and enhance the number of people with brokerage accounts, Mr. Tejani foresaw the need for rolling out a free-to-use online investment portal for mutual funds.

How can Investomate help first-time and experienced investors alike?

Like we said earlier, not everyone has the training or time to oversee financial ebb and flows when it comes to maths, economics, finances and accounting. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t curious to see how it all works, and that too with minimal risks.

Let’s describe what a mutual fund is. It is a pool of investment that’s created and then managed by an asset management firm. The firm takes care of all the research and decides where to invest it in – stock markets, money market instruments, bonds, etc. Having a large amount of money isn’t a prerequisite to open your mutual fund, which is another plus for first-time investors looking to get their feet wet.

With InvestoMate, investors can quickly see at a glance how their portfolio is faring overall or how individual holdings are performing for them, with charts, key data, and gains/losses that reflect their investment decisions. – Mr. Akbar A. Tejani, CEO of InvestoMate

There are many types of mutual fund investments. There’s stock-based, equity-based, fixed-income-based and even Shariah-compliant options out there. Choices abound for investors.

The portal gives you these features to make the best calls on your investment:

  • Investment Tracking: see how your mutual fund investments are performing from one place.
  • Concentration Check: great for diversifying your investment portfolio across asset classes
  • Performance Comparisons: See how two or more funds perform in different or same category.
  • Risk Management: Know the risks and see the bigger picture when it comes to investing in different categories.
  • Fund Rankings: see how various categories stack up in financial performance
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: A bird’s eye view of everything at a glance.

Investomate also offers advisors and finance professionals who can help people with their mutual fund investments and portfolio management. And as it turns out, the comprehensive mutual funds investment portal is used by some of the most prominent asset management companies here such as UBL Fund Managers, Alfalah Investments, AKD Investment Management Ltd, etc.

All in all, solutions like Investomate represent an enticing option for those who want to get into the world of mutual funds and financial portfolio management. You can sign up for their service and start using it today.

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  • Website still says “Coming soon”. What stupidity is this? Marketing shuru karne ki zyada hi jaldi hoti hai, even before your product is ready!

    • Dear Khalid, The site is live, however, we have faced a similar issue with a user of cybernet. Their server is not propagating the updated version. Once it’s updated by your ISP, you will be able to visit the site. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


    • Dear Fahad, The site is live, however, we have faced a similar issue with a user of cybernet. Their server is not propagating the updated version. Once it’s updated by your ISP, you will be able to visit the site. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


        • Dear Asad. Thank you for your kind words. The website is receiving an overwhelming response, which indicates that InvestoMate’s app could also be a great idea.

    • Its not fraud Mutual funds are good option for fix income person. You should have knowledge before commenting on any issue.

    • I am not wrong if I say that Mutual Fund is Mutual Fraud. Mutual Fraud employees show green garden to innocent people. I have 3 year experience with MCB, Meezan, Alfalah and NAFA. My recommendation for individual investor is that do not go to Mutual Fund, it is MUTUAL FRAUD. This is new way and well managed fraud.

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