Biometric Verification of SIMs Reduced Crimes in Karachi Significantly

Bio-metric verification of entire cellular subscriber-base has bettered the law and order situation in Karachi as crime rates reduced notably in the city just because people cannot communicate anonymously to ask ransom or extortion money from the citizens, said Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui, Commissioner Karachi, while speaking at Telenor’s IOT Expo and Awards ceremony in Karachi today.

Mr. Siddiqui said that biometric verification of SIMs seemed an impossible task at one point in time, but with efforts from telecom companies, regulator, government and all other concerned departments, the task was completed successfully and it has played a vital role in reduction of crime rate in once considered highly volatile city of Karachi.

Commissioner Karachi said that at least two to three short-time kidnapping cases used to appear on daily basis before biometric verification of SIMs, while at least one high-profile and long-term kidnapping per week were usual back then.

He added that hundreds of thousands of extortion cases used to surface, however, today — all thanks to biometric verification of SIMs — ransom rate has dropped to zero while extortion cases have also gone down to almost zero level.

It is still unclear whether biometric verification of SIMs could have resulted into lower crimes without Karachi Operation, carried by Rangers under National Action Plan, or not. But it is certain that elimination of unregistered SIMs, that could be used anonymously, has made it harder for criminals to communication anonymously.

Mr. Siddiqui said that technology can play a vital role in elimination of crimes or how we handle crimes and criminals.

Without revealing much details, Mr. Siddiqui said that Karachi Police is working with Telenor Pakistan for the provision of connectivity between police stations across Karachi.

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  • If biometric is so much successful, I wonder how still people use it for bulk SMS marketing? (I am not talking about the one with senderid), I am referring here with a normal numbers being used for marketing

        • So if they use it, and if I am not wrong, there is a limitation to send same messages to bulk users. SIM will get blocked if the system detect it. NO?

          • they make minor spece changes after some messages so it seems different to system.
            Best practice is to report such sms to PTA (9000) @ 0.10 / complaint

  • More often the sales reps “re-sell” the golden numbers to then F&F even if its active SIM and is being used by the subscriber. Operators do not listen to such end-users and the response which end-user gets is that enduser himself requested for deactivation ( which is ofcourse not reality ). Before deactivating SIM Biometeric verification should be made 100% must. Some operators e.g. TP is doing this and all should follow.

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