Apple Makes More Profits by Slowing Down Older Models Manufacture: Study

Companies with a large market capitalization are always attempting to stay one step ahead of their rivals by coming up with schemes and plans that allow them to generate substantial amounts of revenue. According to a recent study, Apple has been found to slow down the release frequency of the older models of its iPhone in order to spike up sales of its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. As a result, consumers who were expecting a discount on the previous models, have no option but to upgrade their existing handset.

Why Do They Do This?

When this type of activity is carried out, Apple can also carry out a campaign to show how popular its devices are, meaning that consumers would get the impression that they’re actually getting a worthy Smartphone upgrade.

According to a recent study, the keyword search for ‘iPhone slow’ was carried out and it was found that the search results got numerous hits for these queries whenever new iPhones were to be launched.

For comparison purposes, ‘Samsung Galaxy slow’ was also used and it was found that the term was unaffected by new releases. The study was cleverly conducted by a Harvard University Ph.D. student by the name of Laura Trucco and she claims that the tech giant has been deliberately slowing down the sales of its older products in order to pave the way for its newer lineup.

“When major innovations remain out of reach, and degrading durability threatens to tick off loyal customers, companies like Apple can still take a cue from the fashion industry. If you can brainwash consumers into developing new tastes that make the old stuff look uncool for aesthetic rather than functional reasons, you still have a shot at harvesting more sales from your existing customer base.” – Catherine Rampell, Economics Reporter at NYT

Does this Affect iOS Updates?

It could also be said that iOS updates are deliberately developed in such a manner that they do not play along with the obsolete hardware of previous generation Mobile devices, forcing consumers to make the upgrade. However, it can also be argued that such hardware is capable of running these updates due to its less powerful internals and dated architecture.

As stated before, Apple could very well be tailoring its operating system in order to cater to its new hardware, but consumers should also be aware that technology of this age is moving at such a rapid pace that most products are considered obsolete after a period of two years. After all, if companies do not continue to release better software and hardware, then they will be left in the dust by their competitors.

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  • Apple is a money hungry tech giant, with no innovation, they just come up with the same technology as Samsung after a few years and then name it something like ICRAP, or ISEE, or IDONOTSEE

    • Apple was the first to use a 64 bit processor and everyone copied it. It was the first to use fingerprint sensor, everyone copied it and now the same thing happened with its Touch ID. Samsung doesn’t innovate and they are being hammered by other smartphone companies like Xiaomi and Huawei

      • Dear, Apple is nothing, Samsung has been the vendor of apple technology and screens for a very long time. Apple produces stupid useless fone with 1900 mah battery in this era and sells it for a ridiculous price of 800 dollars and there is no innovation in Apple. No water proof, screen clarity is worse then Samsung. Dead Sound, no customization, stupid architecture that makes communication more complex and people don’t even wanna change their ring tone because its a long and tedious process. No SD card, No Bluetooth File Transfers, No Wifi Direct, and No Flash Compatibility

        • Is that why Samsung only made 11 percent profit this quarter while Apple made 94 percent. When you buy Apple products you pay for the experience. Buy an apple product and your entire opinion will change.

          • Dude when you produce a fone that has no screen quality and no flexibility and the worst connectivity and durability for 225 dollars and sell it for 800 dollars for the most cheap variant with 16 GB inbuilt, of-course you are gonna make such profit. Samsung does not have such high margins of profits, they make the best phones in the most reasonable prices and the best screens and technology and camera results.

          • and yeah ofcourse if I buy an Apple fone, my options would drastically change to “””NO OPTION AT ALL””””, just put SIM in and make voice call and send messages and charge it 6 times in 24 hours, yeah thats the experience i am looking for forward to after paying a 1000 dollars for only 16 GB of memory.

            • I have used both phones. Samsung’s interface is the most clunkiest I have ever used in my entire life. Samsung releases 7-8 phones in a year and Apple only releases two phones and they bring the entire industry to its knees.

              • Dude remove the following from Android:

                1. Ultimate Connectivity
                2. Quick Charging
                3. Ultra Batter Saving Modes
                4. External SD Card
                5. Bluetooth File Transfer
                6. FM Radio with RDS
                7. 550 ppi of screen
                8. Corning Gorilla Glass 4
                9. Customization Options
                10. Rooting Options
                11. Air and Voice Gestures
                12. 3.5 GB of RAM
                13. External Software Compatibility

                and You Get your precious Apple IOS 9 and a Fone that still lags while playing Subway Surfer.

                • Apple’s iOS 9 is the smoothest thing you’ll ever use. You sound like a complete fanboy right now. First actually use both phones and then comment please :)

                  • Bro, we are both fan boys, and i have used both fones and even TABs, that’s why i know the difference. Androids are the best and Samsung Fones are way better and durable and scalable. Apple toooo expensive and no goodies…. Android reasonably priced with lots of goodies…… Even apples accessories are so expensive. First you buy a 800 dollar fone and then you buy 80 dollar worth of protective things.

                    • I have used both devices to a very long extent so I know which is better. If you want to experience the best of Google’s Android then always purchase Nexus phones. If Samsung was getting it right every time with its phones, it would have sold more units. Xiaomi and Huawei and sold more units than Samsung this year so the problem obviously lies with the company’s strategy.

                    • i have used Nexus as well bro.. .anyways this is a never ending war, because no ones gonna yield, so keep enjoying IOS and ill have fun with android.

              • And its awesome that you pointed this out, Samsung makes 7 to 8 fones a year and gets each one right, whereas Apples makes only two fones a year and still cant get even One right.

      • For 80 k, you get a stupid tiny 4 inch screen with a non-rem battery and cheap ass sim tray that snaps easily. This is what Apple really is. Apple is exactly serving a piece of Turd on a gold plated platter and everyone with no idea of what tech scalability and flexibility is wants to eat it. Even LG is more innovative then Apple.

    • Its not completely true, apple have innovated as well as re-innovated many things with batter implementations. Siri, Apple Pay, Touch ID, Multi-touch, Pinch to Zoom, Mobile Phone OS are few things that apple just re-innovated and thwarted previous bad implementation of same things by others. So it focuses how to make something useful for customer which has already been innovated. Not everyone can do this, only Apple can so this makes them unique. App Store, Force Touch, 64Bit processor were completely new of their kind.

  • It’s actually 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. And even Samsung’s phones have non-removable batteries and no SD card? What’s your point? The only reason why you’re bashing Apple is because when their products come to Pakistan they carry a very high price. Only Pakistan and other regions follow the concept of unlocked phones. If you were living in the US you’d easily get an Apple phone for $300 and you’d probably stick with Apple too.

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