Google Search to Stream Content from Apps Without Downloads

As mobile apps are getting popular in recent times, they now comprise of a major share of search results. However, while app results in search engines get more and more abundant, they aren’t really that useful by themselves, as they require you to install an app in the first place.

Look Ma, No More App Installs

But like all things, that might be changing for the better and once again, it is Google thats taking the mantle. From now on, people will start seeing content from mobile apps on their search results in Android, regardless of whether they have an associated app installed on their devices or not. Google Search helps to fetch relevant content directly from apps.

Initially, 9 popular apps have partnered with Google to take part in this new initiative, including Daily Horoscope, Hotel Tonight, Useful Knots and Gormey.

How it Works

For instance, if you decide to visit a new city in a spur-of-the-moment trip and decide to find a hotel, an app like Hotel Tonight will come up with a relevant result ordinarily. But now, Google’s search engine can fetch the same information from the app to you, helping you get the best results.


Until now, only apps with matching web content could achieve this feat, but thanks to this new project, the possibilities are certainly endless.

Over a 100 billion deep links have now been embedded on the Google index, making as much as 40% of all searches fetch content from apps. With drastically changing times come some of the most innovative feature and this app-streaming capability is certainly a step in the right direction for the future.

Apps and Content Get More Relevant Now

It will also make apps a more central part of the Android experience while also giving the OS an edge over others. With most of Google’s searches now coming on mobile, and with apps being such a core experience, this stream content feature was inevitable anyway.

It is only available in the U.S. as of now but should reach more markets soon.