Konbola: A Mobile App for Sending Instant Emergency Alerts

Konbola is an Android mobile app that can help you in a crisis. It sends out an SMS with your current location (with mobile location and GPS settings enabled).

Imagine there is a robbery in your house, you’ve run into serious health issue or you need to reach out to your friends. The app works by you pressing the power button 4 times on a selected contact. Your emergency contact(s) can be configured and added manually from phone address book. The basic idea is to inform your closed ones that you need help by sharing your location so they can either call you or arrive at that location to help you.

How it Works

There are two ways to add contacts. You can add contacts manually or choose from your contact address book. The ones who are selected will show in your contact list and can be reached when in trouble/emergency. The app remains signed in unless you do otherwise. Irrespective of the fact that a mobile is restarted or shutdown, the app stays logged in.

To send alerts, simply press the power button four times. It sends an SMS with your current location details to the contact. In case the location isn’t shared, only the SMS will be sent.

In a country where security issues are always there, whether you’re leaving for work or school, an app like Konbola can prove instrumental in notifying near and dear ones in case of any developing emergency.

You can download the app from the Play Store for Android devices here.

  • Useless app. If you have that much time to press power button 4 times then you can also type message “Help me” only and send to contact in same time.

    • Pressing power button four times is much easier than opening a messaging app, taping into message box, and than typing help me, and than the receiver may not take you seriously. In this case you and your emergency contact know, it will be in case of emergency only. Someone made an effort (believe me its not me or anyone related to me) respect that, and suggest improvements.

    • Jitni deer banda messgae type karey itni deer agla mobile hi ley jayee infact sub sey pehley mobile hi khenchey. its easy to press power button 4 times even you mobile is in your pocket. for me it works

  • i just signed up.. works perfectly.. seems like brilliant idea… i have been robbed once.. surely gonna use it in future…

  • what a wonderful idea, just installed and added family, to test it out i hit power button 4 times, every one called me (my bad should have thought about it) but this is a great tool to help one out when in trouble.

  • very nice app and good working my Galaxy s6 phone. we need to have more of such apps for pakistani. Well done guys!

  • arai wah g, installed and works fine (only bad thing, I guess not that
    bad when in emergency), it sends out sms from my mobile :). overall nice

  • Exactly same as Wi-tribe’s app resQ… same procedure of sending emergency msg of pressing 4 times power button.

  • If the developer is reading this then on behalf of Pakistani Windows Phone community, an emerging market is waiting for your app. Please do take time to make an app for us, we are anxiously waiting..

  • Thanks to developer one of the best app in current situation in Pakistan.
    we should appericate the local developers of our country instead of bad language if u dont like leave it all.

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