Kaymu Introduces Online Wholesale Buying/Selling in Pakistan

Kaymu.pk today announced that it is introducing online business to business (B2B) wholesale services in Pakistan. For the purpose, Kaymu has already on-boarded 120 wholesalers from various verticals including clothing, electronics, cosmetics and various product categories.

Kaymu said that it will be providing a simple B2B (business-to-business) solution to traders all over Pakistan to access sizable product bundles at the best prices, without having to worry about logistics and transport.

Traders in Okara, Mardan, Chakwal, etc are already benefiting from e-wholesale as they purchase all kinds of fashion items and gadgets online through Kaymu and sell in their city to increase their incomes.

Usually, a seller travels to various markets to source products, involves multiple middlemen that increase his procurement cost and bears the transport cost. “Small traders nowadays look towards convenience and cost saving. We have made it unnecessary for traders to travel to markets in big cities to acquire products,” said Adam Dawood, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Kaymu Pakistan. “We bring product bundles to their doorstep, bring down their cost by at least 20-30% and allow better profit margins for them.”

Kaymu claims to have enabled over 15,000 sellers from all over Pakistan. It is now bringing wholesalers online to empower more businesses across the country to make them bigger and more profitable.

For more details on how to become a wholesale seller or terms that Kaymu has set for wholesale sellers visit here. Or if you want to buy at wholesale rates check your options here.

  • They sold me an RC heli on ‘Black Friday’ for pkr 2,000 the same heli I saw at Hyperstar for pkr 1,049. Never buying or trusting them again.

    • Almost all Online retailers did the same. I wanted to buy PS plus membership of one year. Homeshopping.pk was showing original price as 7500 and after Black Friday discount the price was 5600. And i bought it from Local market for 5200

  • Kaymu.pk sold me chinese Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 copy stating it is original made in Korea. They said on the order confirmation call that they import from Dubai because in their opinion mobiles are cheaper there because of no taxes there. We import 5 kits of mobiles in one box of mobile and then sell it on Rs. 17,000 per set. They are committing an online fraud. The vendor was giftsmine.com and they never returned the crap mobile which has spyware and malware built in and sends text messages to a US number until all credit vanishes. After numerous complaints they don’t have guts to even take responsibility and provide relief to my damages instead they are protecting the fraud in its full spirit. Shame on kaymu and shame on giftsmine karachi.

  • Kaymu fraud 
    Order Number: 202849392
    I purchased a wrist watch on kaymu online, they sent a different third class watch and collected money for the good one, so i returned as per their instructions it for to kaymu warehouse karachi . I waited for them for 6 months.After a week “Kiezer Xavier Francis (Kaymu Pakistan)”
    call me that “we are sorry to you because the seller is not responding. And I am still awaiting. Not receive money nor watch.

  • The only thing I have come to know about kaymu.pk is that its just a fraud its my personal experience of 6 months back I ordered a imported branded wrist watch on kaymu but what I received was a cheap , low standard local watch being sold in streets by vendors. On complaining Mr. Salman & Kiezer Xavier (kaymu.pk Rep) asked me to send watch back to check and if the complaint is to be true kaymu will exchange that item with original brand. After few weeks was admitted that the complaint was genuine and Kaymu.pk trying to contact the seller. But kaymu.pk did nothing at all neither they blocked that brand nor returned money . And still not responding to me that’s why I have shared my personal experience to unveil kaymu’s fraud dealings with intentions to save others for any kind of inconvenience …..
    Order Number: 202849392
    Sent back to Kaymu.pk
    Tracking ID : 59204218
    Courier Company : Leopard
    Dated : 23-09-2015.

    • it is not kaymu.pk it is seller. you must have had seller address along with you flyer. contact him or go to police station.

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