Entrepreneurship isn’t Halwa, Trust Me!

By Awais Naseer

When I started my first company as a 19 year old college boy, I had high hopes. I had then thought that I would buy a luxury car in few months, would have a lush office, lots of employees, respect and what not. But that didn’t happen; in fact none of this happened.

Reality struck me when I was more than two years in, still walking on foot, commuting on Suzukis and vans, worrying about the next rent cycle and had only a 3-member team including myself. Things weren’t getting any better and we had to eventually close down after 3-years of pain and suffering.

I had experienced enough of it that I’d wish no sane person would ever go down the same path ever again.

But I started another company with-in six months. By the time I had enough experience and set of mistakes not to follow and the confidence to get in the game again.

So I went full in but reality struck again. I ended up totally broke 3 years after, married already and living independently with lots of responsibilities on my shoulders and not a penny in my pocket.

I learnt many lessons the hard way that I want to share with you through this illustrated presentation. Go ahead and watch it before you end-up in middle of no-where:

6 Myths Of Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Spoiled by the tabloid-style news and the fairy tales of unicorns, most of struggling desi entrepreneurs are obsessed with the idea of over night success. Are you one of them? If so, then STOP living in fairyland! Get BACK TO EARTH and follow an action-driven path of building a successful startup!Also, Softoven is starting a 100% FREE action-drive course for entrepreneurs where we will tell you what it takes to become an entrepreneur and teach you how exactly to build a successful startup. So SIGN UP NOW and LEARN FROM THE ONES WHO HAVE DONE IT!P.S.Voice: Excerpt from Awais Naseer's (Softoven CEO) mentorship session at LCL Learn. Create. Lead 2015.Sketching: Softoven Design TeamDirection: Awais NaseerVideo Editing and Processing: Softoven Media Team

Posted by Softoven Inc. on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Awais Nasser - RoundAuthor is heading Softoven (Pvt.) Ltd., a design focused startup consultancy agency that has helped dozens of startups in building their products and reaching profitability.

He can be reached directly at awais[at]softoven.com

  • 3 minutes down the video and you already know why the start up didnt work!

    #2 dont read the news! are you kidding me? May God help the start ups they are consulting for.

  • Jis ko shortcut ka rasta aur paiso ka lalach ho un Kay sath zada tar yeh hei hota hai.Ao bahi mehnat karna seko dosre Zardari sahab na bano apne consultancy swiss account holders ko ja kar do.

  • Good job. Agree with most of it. But dont be too gloomy…and dont stop dreaming crazy dreams. Dreams are a necessary(but not sufficient) ingredient to success!

  • You should’ve started with … ‘ look for something to solve’….I get what point you’re trying to make, however you sound depressing…. just because you and a 1000 people didn’t make it, doesn’t mean another 1000 wouldn’t

  • Don’t demotivate young kids, if it didn’t work for you it doesn’t mean it will be the same case for everyone. I have seen many young entreprenuers who bought expensive cars, and was able to make a living within an year.I agree its tuff and intensive in beginning, but end result is great if you get success. Never giveup.

  • I think quite a few people are missing the point here.

    1. I am not here to demotivate anyone. But building the castles in the air after reading about a few prominent successes and reading tabloid style news is totally insane.
    2. I haven’t suggested to quit entrepreneurship either. I am just telling the fact that there’s no such thing as ‘overnight success’. Wait it out and you’ll make it.
    3. They key point is point #3. Don’t just go ahead and be an entrepreneur. Learn the art by reading a book or taking a course or getting a mentor. However you want, but get to learn the art.

    And if you want to learn this art from me, I am teaching a free Startup Success Course to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Join-in if you want a step-by-step, action driven coaching for your startup: http://softoven.com/startups

    • Absolutely agree with your points, I didn’t mean to offend you, I am just saying that you should have showed both sides of the story. Hats off for your free service, appreciate it.

    • One shouldn’t go for ‘shiny’ thing but (positive) motivation is required to build something new.
      Lack of investors, infrastructure, mentor-ship etc is a big issue here.

  • I totally agree with the writer. Am in business (entrepreneurship) since my child hood (about 20 years), assisting my father in his factory matters. It is a (very) difficult task and requires strong nerves and strong power of decision. (just for intro, I am a MBA and MS.CS grad as well)
    This new generation is just attracted to the outer shine. Lets see what new Taxation policy will lead them to.

  • Hi Awais, I have never come across such wonderful “localised” wisdom, albeit you might sound politically “incorrect” to some readers, wish you the very best for your current/future ventures.

  • Paulo Coelho said:
    Falling down is not defeat.. Defeat is, when you refuse to get up.

    The best lessons are learned after failure.

    • Thanks Ovais, you summed it well.
      @tk I’ve got my fair share of successes too with the grace of Almighty ?

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