Zameen.Com Exceeds 2 Million Property Listings, Pakistan’s largest property website, has crossed the 2 million property listings mark. The growth in reach and scope has brought the country’s real estate investors face-to-face with options from virtually every corner of the country.

The Zameen website has recorded massive gains in all metrics such as paying agencies and traffic. Around 160,000 new listings from across Pakistan are added to the website every month.

Highlighting a particular focus on the quality of the content on offer,’s senior management said every new listing is carefully vetted by a large, dedicated operations team comprising quality control staff, photographers and data entry operators.

Our goal remains constant: to make the most extensive and legitimate property database available to users in the most convenient way possible. With this propelling us forward, we have no intention of slowing down. – CEO Zeeshan Ali Khan was founded in 2006 by the Ali Khan brothers and has exhibited remarkable progression since then. Today, it has a team of close to 500 people, offices and field presence in 30 major cities, and over 8,000 estate agencies on board. The portal also publishes a dedicated real estate magazine, hosts large-scale property expos around the country, and offers mobile apps across all platforms.

Last year, Zameen was adjudged one of the top 8 global portals “to watch and learn from” at the Property Portal. It also raised $9 million in funding from international investors, reflecting an increased confidence in the Zameen brand. The Zameen website recently crossed 3 million visits mark monthly, a milestone that is huge for Pakistani startups to emulate and their impact online.

  • Good, but most of the listings are outdated i.e more than 6 months ago. Maybe 60-70% ads are outdated.

  • creating hype and increasing (ridiculously) prices of the property as there’s no check and balance. these “dealers” are becoming mafia. finding an affordable place to build a house is not possible for a salaried person anymore.

    • Exactly, 1150sq ft house price is about 10 million. Now, assume if a salaried person saves 100k per month (Which is even higher than the total salary of 80-90% salaried persons), he will save 10 million in approximately 8.5 years. After 8.5 he will be able to buy a 1150sq ft house in Lahore, but in 8.5 years, cost of house will be about 20milions :( So, how will he buy even a small house :( :(

      • judging by current rate of jumping prices (in RWP it’s really wild here), it’ll be just a dream, even that will sound ridiculous as a dream. You just can’t afford a quality living in this city anymore if you’re a salaried person of this generation. and 100k saving? really mind’s blown when I see that even he couldn’t afford a 4 marla place in RWP (Islamabad is out of question).

        • Rents are low. There is no point in buying a house. Invest money in a business or something, and get a reasonably sized house for rent.

          • that is more practical. but in this country it is easy to bypass the law if one can bribe enough or have resources and there’re many cases where both parties had to suffer (the owner calls it and you’ve to leave within a month, the renter claims the ownership for himself… blah… both of which require tiring routine and forsaking everything to get to the court and suffer countless “tareekh”). If there’re flats by an organization (govt, pvt) that’d be better. to feel secure and satisfied in a place you live is more important. just speaking my mind.

        • Yes bro, I agreed with you that buying is definitely impossible now-a-days for salaried person :(

          It’s a bubble business. I have no idea about Rawalpindi, but in Lahore, prices are more than double now within just 5 years.

          I am living in this house (12marlas) since 2010 & at that time, cost of this house was 7million & now it’s cost is Rs 17 millions :(

  • Most listing are fake and even pictures of houses shown are fake. Number of listing surpass no of houses available for sale

    These listing are posted to misguide and constantly increase the prices to extreme level

    Prices of house in Pakistan are becoming at par with developed countries where as income level it 5-10 times lower and other portal are helping dealers and greedy mafia to misguide especially ex-pat Pakistanis

    Only bunch of greedy dealers and mafia are benefiting and Public is only suffering due to price pushing strategy being adopted

  • No doubt the prices are going too high. I am failed to understand why we don’t appreciate the efforts of our own businesses. The press release is about a company providing a single platform for all Pakistani’s to search for properties anywhere in Pakistan, its a huge success for a Pakistani company providing an ease for all Pakistanis.

    Prices of the properties is a separate thing, Pakistani firm growing and presenting Pakistan in a positive manner is another thing.

    • they are doing good job just like pak wheels but unfortunately dealer mafia is everywhere and they know people psych and trust on these sites and using these websites to loot people’s money.

      • With due respect Sir. There isnt any safer thing in Pakistan. But the company like tries their level best to ensure not to entertain such mafia group. I will recommend to give a visit to’s head office to see how it works. I think this is why they have a team of more than 500 employees writing, sharing and updating people about what is going on in the real estate market. Do give a visit to their blog too.

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