Soundnode Desktop App Puts SoundCloud on Your Desktop

SoundCloud has been quick to gain its place as a music streaming service for the average user who doesn’t want to pay subscription fees. It’s also been a great way to listen to music, official and unofficial releases, and to discover lesser known and upcoming music stars. The service is available via its website and it even has official mobile apps, but the desktop version was killed soon after its launch. Fortunately, a smart developer has brought the desktop apps back to life.

SoundNode – The Unofficial Desktop SoundCloud Client

SoundCloud users won’t need to keep their browsers open, now that a desktop app has them covered. It’ll also help keep the platform competitive against iTunes and Spotify, both of which are of course subscription-based services, but come with desktop applications unlike SoundCloud.


The application called Soundnode comes with an interface oft seen in music players. It offers a dark background with Album art which identifies the available songs. Users can also sign in, access their likes and tracks. There’s a separate section for creating and playing playlists as well. Music controls are placed at the persistent bar at the bottom of the app.

Soundnode is an Angular based desktop app that looks and feels like a completely native app and also supports keyboard shortcuts and the full SoundCloud features. It also adds support for extra features like playing and pausing using the keyboard. The application is everything one can expect from the official SoundCloud app, which leads us to wonder, why did SoundCloud pull its desktop app and why hasn’t it built another one.

Soundnode is completely open-source so anyone take the app and make it better or contribute to the developer’s work. Developers can even tweak it to their liking or release an even better and improved version of the app.

If you are interested, the app is completely free for download on Windows, OSX, and Linux (32-bit, 64-bit) and available via its very own website.

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