Samsung Signs Airlink as its New Distributor for Mobile Phones

Samsung today expanded its distribution network by adding ‘Airlink Communication’ as a new distribution partner for Hand-held Devices (Mobile phones) in Pakistan.

Samsung said that this new collaboration will further enhance its consumers’ retail experience and product availability, as Airlink has been appointed due to service standards, vast network of outlets and 45 years of professional experience, with specialization in distribution of advanced telecom devices and Mobile phones.

Agreement between Samsung and Airlink Communication was signed during a press-conference held in Lahore today.


Mr. J. H. Lee the President of Samsung Electronics with newly appointed distributor of hand held devices in Pakistan CEO Airlink Muzaffar Hussain Paracha.

Conference was attended by Samsung’s top officials who didn’t forget to appreciate the robust performance of Samsungs existing distributors – Muller & Phipps Pvt. Ltd. and GreenTECH, who are successfully marketing the wide range of Samsung devices and products all over Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, the President of Samsung Pakistan – Mr. J. H. Lee stated that: “The appointment of Airlink as a distribution partner is a major milestone for further enhancing our distribution capabilities and outreach. As Samsung continues to inspire and empower the consumers with innovative technologies and revolutionary devices, we are consistently expanding our network and enriching the retail-experience for the consumers”.

Airlink’s vast experience in marketing telecom devices will also play a critical role in further elevating the brand-image and consumer-perception of the Samsung ‘Galaxy’ range of premium smartphones, which are already the most preferred smart phone devices in the Pakistan market.

  • Kindly tell them to bring down prices of Galaxy A7(2016) and A-5(2016). If Galaxy A-7 costs 52,000 here, then at which price are they gonna launch Galaxy A-9 and then what about upcomng Galaxy S7?

  • Will make 0 difference in sales. Until they either;
    1. Block smuggled phones from being sold in the open market. With Govt help.
    2. Price their freaking phones correctly and according to Pakistani standards.

    Heck, they give us a cheaper processor and god know what else is swapped (compared to US version) and still want us to pay as much as someone in the Us will pay. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • policy to cut down the distribution cost world wide….forcing existing partners to agree over lower rates or finding new one at desired rates…:P

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