Google Translate Can Now Speak Sindhi and Pashto

Google Translate is now capable of understanding and translating words and phrases to and from Sindhi and Pashto into more than 100 other languages, announced a Google blog published earlier today.

This essentially means that Google Translate is now capable of translating more than 100 languages to Sindhi and Pashto and vice versa.

New update will enable 43 million Pashto speakers and over 26 million Sindhi speakers around the world to use the service.

For those who aren’t familiar, Google Translate is machine learning based translation tool that use logic, algorithms and vocabulary to translate words and phrases from one language to another.

It is observed that Google Translate’s output is little flawed for newly added languages, however, with time — thanks to users’ input — Google Translate tends to mature its translation skills by bringing more accuracy in its results.

You can head to this URL to use Google Translate:



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    • It has nothing to do with google algorithm, it is translation as per the submission done by the users from Pakistan or Afghanistan. There must be some mistakes due to various dialects and accent.

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