Online Recharge Facility Launched for Mobile Phone Users in Pakistan has launched an online recharge and bill payment facility for mobile phone users whereby customers of Pakistani cellular networks can recharge their accounts instantly.

“With this new facility, users will be able to recharge their mobile phone credit or pay bills using debit or credit cards. This service is available for all five cellular networks in Pakistan including Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Ufone and Warid,” a spokesman of told.

Mobile phone users can recharge their accounts through After completing payment, the users will receive an e-voucher or top-up confirmation instantly through SMS. However, first-time users will have to verify their identity in a bid to reduce risks of fraudulent transactions.

The website is part of Megasoft (Pvt) Limited, a Pakistan based company committed to promoting information technology and providing e-Commerce services in home and abroad. Megasoft has partnered with Tameer Bank for accepting online payments through credit and debit cards.

  • jab tamam banks apne customers ko online mobile recharge fraham kar rahe hain to aik new way se koi kiyo recharge karwaye ga. or apni khufiya malomat provide kar de. lol

  • *3.5% payment processing charges apply.
    Why would I opt this service, I can easily top up my number using Internet Banking service, and they do not charge single penny.

        • credit card m sood khoori kahan SE ayi. If you are paying ur dues on time. No interest rate is applied

          • Dear Mr. Tauqeer
            If you use your Credit card you will get 5% Discount on Purchasing which purely sood understand. Please don’t mind but it is true.

            • u only get a limited amount of discount per bank .most banks wont be giving u discounts of more than 1000 rs per month.

            • Umair bhai, i don’t think you have common financial sense..!
              5% discount is there to attract customers to buy MORE..! when they will buy more, they will use more of their credit limit… and that MIGHT lead them to leave some unpaid balance at the end of the month.. on which INTEREST will be charged by the bank (income for the bank).

              BUT, if the customer pays off all the balance due at the end of the month, he won’t be charged any interest and of course he would have utilized 5% discount as well.. now what’s wrong with that?..

              • Dear MR. Ali Mohsin
                Did you know what is Riba (Sood)? if I put one drop of Urine in Milk drum did you know complete milk is undrinkable that’s why if I add little amount of Sood in our Halal Income my complete income is … Our Commercial Bank spread sood by showing discount income.
                And I like to inform you that I am Finance student and I give you a lot of example of Plastic Money disadvantages.

                • Umair mere pyaray se chotay se bhai… I’ve worked in the biggest listed bank of Pakistan as Manager Finance.. you’re still a student, so please don’t claim that you know it all..!
                  5% Discount has nothing to do with Interest or Riba..!

                  On another note, no economy in this world can function without paying the cost of borrowing money.. i.e. interest is the basic reward to the person who gives his capital to someone as a loan.

                  Islami sunehray daur ki kahaniyaan sab jhoot hain.. aur agar un mein kuch sadaaqat hai bhi tau aap ko incomplete aur distorted stories pata hain. Hazar Umar k daur mein kaha jata hai k Islamic economy was booming and no destitute/poor could be found. Where was all this wealth coming from?.. Did Muslims used to do agriculture?(Arab was and is a desert with small patches of land where agriculture can be done. Moreover, Prophet saww used to dislike people who did agriculture in Madinah, that’s why he preferred doing only trading/business).. did they have manufacturing? (they didn’t have anything other than camels or goats or dates).. did their trading actually bring any value-addition to the goods being sold? (No!! al they did was to bring merchandise from Syria/Iraq/Yemen and sold it to people Mecca/Medina)…

                  So where was all this money coming from?.. Umar (RA) and other Caliphs (also, our Prophet saww, all used to send expeditions in their times, to loot/plunder other nations of their belongings, wealth, animals and ‘women’. Their men used to be killed brutally and all these young women were sold locally in Mecca/Medina, and other countries even far as in India.. (have you see Makrani / africans in Makran (Balochistan), they were sold by Muslim traders to the rich Indian people of those times as slaves).

                  Let me know if you need more lessons on history and so called ‘Islamic Finance’.. lol..

                  • You told me ” interest is the basic reward to the person who gives his capital to someone as a loan.” WHAT A SHAME.
                    I m completely shocked. You don’t know about “RIBA”, You are mixing RIBA And Trading Business which is purely different things.
                    You must read following quotes.
                    The Quran states:

                    …”But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good” [Al-Anfaal 8:69]

                    The Quran declares:

                    “Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith” [Al-Mumtahinah 60:9]

                    There is a Hadith in Muslim Shareef from the Holy Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) which states that:

                    “No Riba (interest, usury) (exists) between a Muslim and a Harbi Kaafir in Darul Harb.”

                    This Hadith bears testimony that the property of a Harbi Kaafir is lawful for the Muslim at all times provided that he (the Muslim) must not commit faithlessness in his dealing. Accordingly, the great theologian, his holiness Shah Burhanuddin (alaihir rahma) states in his distinguished work, “Hedaya”, that:

                    “Though the Holy Quran has forbidden Riba, i.e. interest, yet this Holy Book of Allah makes the property of a Harbi Kaafir lawful for the Muslim.”

                    Allah Ta’ala has declared trade as Halal and interest as Haraam. Allah Ta’ala says:

                    That is because they say: Trade is like usury, but Allah hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Surah Baqarah (2:275)

                    ۵۸۴) قیامت کے دن نہ کھڑے ہوں گے مگر جیسے کھڑا ہوتا ہے وہ جسے آسیب نے چھو کر مخبوط بنا دیاہو(ف۵۸۵) یہ اس لئے کہ انہوں نے کہا بیع بھی تو سُود ہی کے مانند ہے اور اللّٰہ نے حلال کیا بیع کو اور حرام کیا سُود تو جسے اس کے رب کے پاس سے نصیحت آئی اور وہ باز رہا تو اسے حلال ہے جو پہلے لے چکا (ف۵۸۶) اور اس کا کام خدا کے سپرد ہے (ف۵۸۷)اور جو اب ایسی حرکت کرے گا وہ دوزخی ہے وہ اس میں مدتوں رہیں گے(ف۵۸۸)

                    I hope above information is comprehensive for you.

            • Agreed, apologies for that KMQ bhai..!
              Love you for your tolerant and soft response.. which is very hard to find in our intolerant and emotional nation..!

    • Thodi dair ke liye agar maan bhi lete hain paid post hai, tu bhi kia farak parhta hai? Aamir bhai ne yeh website kidmat-e-khalq ke liye tu nahi kholi na.. :-)

    • So what else they should do for seo and pakistani traffic ???
      Isn’t bad if they are paying someone to introduce their services.(still we can’t say it’s a paid post)

  • “First time users need to be verified by sending copies of CNIC and credit / debit card to [email protected]

    why should anyone provide credit/debit card information to them:P

    Online banking of Banks are best solution

  • Is main naya kia hai? Yeh tu har bank apni online banking main service deta hai and that too without any additional charge. Aur yahan par tu 3.5% bhi do inko along with other secure info.

  • New update from their Facebook page.

    “We have waived off 3.5% payment processing charges. So now, you pay exactly what you get. Isn’t it good?”

  • It’s an awesome service for Pakistanis living abroad. I recharged a couple of numbers today. Very cheap and convenient. Hats off to the devs .

  • For 100 they charged 102 PKR and for 300 , I paid 305. Much cheaper than international recharge websites like ezetop etc

    • If you have any account of Pakistani bank and also internet banking is
      enabled you can recharge even from heaven (if you have internet
      The thing is, if you have shared debit/credit card copy, it
      is highly possible that after sometime you’ll get notified for some
      transactions (because they can create a duplicate card now “even the
      Chip Card with offline pin varified feature”).
      So wish you good luck that you should not be a culprit.
      the best thing is, if you google megasoft pvt ltd, first 2 companies
      are indo-american. Their contact number is a single ufone number listed
      on web, no office address and so on
      So you can imagine what you have done….

      • 1) Yes, Megasoft Limited is an Indian company but it is not the company that manages Megasoft (Pvt) Limited is a 100% Pakistani local company that is regulated by SECP.

        2) Getting a merchant account in Pakistan is not an easy task. Even opening a simple bank account for private limited company involves too much documentation and verification. If Tameer Bank (as well as Telenor and MCB) have cleared this company and provided them with merchant account, it should be sufficient to prove its legitimate status.

        3) is asking for copies of credit/debit cards within partially hidden card number (8 out of 16 digits are visible), hidden expiry and hidden CVV. It means, the user is not sending actual data. How can such a copy be used for reproducing the card?

        4) If you don’t need this service, it does not mean that it is useless for everyone. There are many customers who don’t use Internet banking even within Pakistan. There are many Pakistani banks that don’t even have Internet banking facility (e.g. Punjab Bank). There are many banks who don’t offer topups for all networks (e.g. Bank Alfalah offers for Warid only). There are many persons who don’t have bank account balance but have a credit card to use (especially salaried persons during last weeks of the month). So far, we have registered 2000+ customers and it’s enough to prove how useful this website is for many people.

        Hope, my answers will help you understand the scenario.

  • Tameer Bank means Telenor/Vimpelcom. What is the security of the individual who’s sharing his identity with the competition. What is the security of the NFC sticker provided by Telenor Tameer Bank for contactless Payment. Any one from a distance can charge his smart phone and debit the NFC, which are visible.
    Do you think this would be safe for other client of the company as Zong, Ufone, etc., etc.

    • Let me respond to you on behalf of Current website is a beta version and we’re working to launch full version of the website. Our website is hosted on PCI-DSS Certified infrastructure of Amazon. Payment processing is done by MasterCard on backend (jointly through MCB, Tameer Bank and Telenor on frontend) and it supports verified by Visa and MasterCard secure code. We’re getting copies of debit/credit cards with hidden numbers (8 out of 16 numbers are visible, CVV code is hidden). No one can make use of these copies except using as evidence in case of any dispute. Copies of CNICs and debit/credit cards are being kept in hard (prints) in locked safe and hackers will not be able to access it.

      Hope, this information is helpful for you.

    • First let me tell you I am not from Tameer or any bank, but I have worked in payment industry in Pakistan for 7 years and nowadays I am living abroad.
      Now just answer your question…
      Do you know the range of NFC??? … No… Do check wikipedia
      Range for NFC is <20CM, it is ISO certified, and data is encrypted so one can not get your private data without knowing the security keys. plus if your phone's NFC is off no one can either…
      I hope you get the basic information.

  • First of all the website is secure with https protocol that is mandatory for payments. Second thay ask for debit/credit card copy means not the approved internet banking channel that is directly connected with any bank. As a person working in payment industry from about 8 years I would recommend everyone that do not share your personal debit/credit card copy because it is highly possible to create duplicate card and use for bogus transactions without your knowledge including the international transactions.

    • We’re not asking to share copy of debit/credit card with visible numbers. We’re asking the users to hide credit card number (8 digits in the middle), expiry date and CVV code. After hiding these numbers, all the risk of copying or hacking is eliminated. It enables us to verify that the user is a legitimate owner of the credit/debit card and it’s not stolen.

        • If it is expired, it won’t work on the website. Secondly, we add first 4 and last 4 digits in our database. When a user makes payment, top-up will work only if the card digits are matched. If they get approved with one card but use some other, top-up will not be provided and a notice for re-verification will be sent to customer’s mobile through SMS.

  • Bad service due to verify via id card copies. Koi apni id card ki copy kyun de. pta nhi kon hai jis ne website khol li hai.

  • I don’t think this is going to get much response as almost all banks are providing recharge facility without any charges.
    If someone already have internet, why would he be using this type of recharge where he will have to pay 3.5% extra.

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