Ufone and WWF Join Hands for Earth Hour 2016

Ufone has pledged to support Earth Hour 2016 in association with WWF Pakistan as part of its corporate social responsibility and environment sustainability efforts.

Ufone observed the Earth Hour on 19th March from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM by switching off redundant lights and electrical appliances that lead to extra energy consumption. It also urged its consumers to follow suit. WWF’s Earth Hour is a people’s movement that has gained momentum over the years as it engages all stakeholders globally to turn off non-essential lights for an hour. It was notably started in Sydney, Australia on March 31, 2007 when more than 2.2 individuals and 2,000 businesses switched their lights off for an hour. This exercise later spread across other countries.

The movement has inspired individuals from more than 7000 cities across the world to voice their concerns about climate change and accordingly channelise efforts for the cause, thereby making it the largest voluntary movement witnessed in history.

“The world is changing at a fast pace and demands our attention as far as environment sustainability is concerned. It’s about time we took our planet seriously and pooled in individual efforts for a greater cause,” said Mr. Amir Pasha, Head of PR and CSR, Ufone, “Earth Hour is not merely about saving energy for an hour alone but should rather come as a realisation for thinking beyond ourselves and more towards environment sustainability that would benefit the world at a larger scale. As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, we deem it our priority to contribute towards this cause and have therefore associated ourselves with WWF to show solidarity at the corporate level.”

In 2015, Earth Hour remains an important grassroots movement for the environment, the impact of which is being observed in communities combating climate change on a daily level.

  • Its so funny and sad the government observing earth hour in Pakistan when the power is not available for multiple hours every day throughout the year.

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