Artsy Natural Living Exhibition to Be Held on 15-22 April

Artsy presents the ‘Artsy Natural Living Exhibition’ which will showcase natural handmade products created by local artisans and businesses. Taking place from 15th – 22nd April, the exhibit will feature delectable, all-natural products including scrubs, soaps, and essential oils.

As awareness about the use of harmful chemicals in beauty products increases, consumers are presented with a dilemma. On one hand, the daily beauty regimen is of utmost importance. On the other hand, ingesting harmful chemicals is problematic, not to mention environmental concerns. With natural and handmade, beauty and personal care products that are free from harmful chemicals, there is no longer a difficult choice to make. You can transform your beauty regimen with these natural creations.

Artsy has curated an online exhibition which brings together products made from all-natural ingredients in the categories of personal care, bath, beauty and home & living. From salt lamps to chocolate lip scrubs, these products not only smell good, some of them taste good too!

You can visit the exhibition here at

Artsy is also offering a limited time discount of 10% on all exhibition products from 15th – 25th April. Furthermore, customers can utilize free shipping and pay cash on delivery.

The online exhibit is an effort to promote local talent and bring their creations to a wider audience. Artsy is a platform for Artisans and Artists to showcase and sell their work online.