Pakistan Mobile App Awards 2016 Website Launched

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has launched the official website for Mobile Application Awards 2016 – The theme for this year is “Embracing Mobile Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan” aimed to focus on development of ready-to-use mobile applications addressing needs of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Pakistan.

The competition will begin with sensitization/ awareness rising sessions, which will be conducted for students and professional mobile application developers in major cities of the country. These sessions will also sign up individual(s) or group of individuals, who are interested to develop a mobile application and compete for the awards.

In its next phase, the awards will run a mentorship program during which interested developers would have a chance to take advantage of guidance and supervision offered by panel of mentors. The profiles of the panel of mentors and trainers are available on the website for reference.

Interested candidates can also submit their proposals through the website. This is a fairly simple procedure, where candidates provide basic information and submit a proposal in .PDF Format and not exceeding the file size limit of 3 MB.

You can also like the Facebook page of the awards at:

For queries/ questions please contact [email protected] or leave a message on Facebook page.