Careem Drives Fashion Forward

Careem was the word on the block as Daraz geared up for their widely anticipated fashion show. It was suddenly super fashionable to arrive in a chauffeur driven car, right to the gates of the event and step out on the red carpet in style. Careem was not only limited to bringing Daraz’s fashionable guests to the show and taking them safely back, the organizers and event people were hyped for the ride as well as Careem clearly added even more class and glam to the fashion show.

To those wondering what Careem is, it is an online app based transport service that ensures your travel needs are met in style and comfort. All one has to do is download the Careem app, book a Careem car with the tip of your fingers and wait for one of your best travelling experiences ever. Not only is the service highly reliable it is also extremely safe as Careem keeps its standards higher than any cab service you may know of. The cars are nice and comfortable, the drivers, called ‘captains’, are friendly and professional and the experience is luxurious.

The service is so good that Daraz (also very app intensive) partnered with them as they launched the first ever online fashion show where the collections were immediately “shoppable” on Daraz. While the show itself was a revolution in the fashion industry as nothing had ever been done in a similar vein, the partnering with Careem gave the Daraz fashion show that additional drive to make it a success.

The experience provided by the partners for Daraz in the fashion show was well received. Getting a notification of your ‘captain’ being en route to your residence was comforting since you would be right on time for the event. Once the Careem ‘captain’ arrived at your destination, you would get a phone call and notification right away.

Nothing to make you feel ready for a classy event like being given the pampering treatment the ‘captains’ provided. Mannered as sober yet friendly, your captain ensured that your ride to the destination was smooth. Careem was such a hit for the fashion show guests and organizers that plenty more had to be booked and a fleet of Careem cars were ready at the gates at the end of the show to escort the guests back home.

Careem proved to be an added hit to Daraz’s star studded mega event because of quality service and it’s a name you’ll be hearing more often as they expand to other cities.