Apple’s App Approval Process Down to Under 2 Days

If you are a new and aspiring developer waiting eagerly to get your first app approved on the App Store, don’t worry because your wait times just got a lot shorter.

According to AppReviewTimes, the mean approval time for the App Store have fallen to just under 1.95 days, down from 8.8 days just at the starting of this year. It is quite lesser than Apple’s target of five days.

The change can also be noticed at the Mac App Store which is experiencing its review process get even more tightened, to just a single day now. While what led to the new results, or the strategy has not made public at this time, it could be mentioned at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference next month.

This is important for Apple because it allows it to get more revenues quickly. It is good for users and developers because this way bug fixes and features can be added in a matter of hours after their release. It can also help them align quicker to the changes in trends and better respond to competitors.

Just recently, Apple made Phil Schiller, its SVP of Worldwide Marketing in charge of running its iOS, OS X and tvOS App Stores, taking the duties off of the shoulders of Eddy Cue, its SVP of Internet Software and Services. The move likely led to the dramatically increased rates.

Still, it must not be forgotten that getting on the App Store is just the first part of a long and winding road. With top one percent of apps getting ninety-four percent of the total revenue in the US, this is the best real-life iteration of cut-throat competition that one can think of.