Cheezmall’s ‘Too Hot Sale’ Offers Special Summer Discounts

Cheezmall has launched yet another discount offer. The promotion is being called Too Hot Sale. Summer clothing and appliances are being offered at massively reduced rates.

The retailer is claiming to offer an average discount of 50% over the standard retail prices. Prices start at Rs. 299. In addition to that, Cheezmall will offer a Rs. 99 rush hour deal every day.

The sale on clothing discounts includes huge discounts of up to 61% on Men’s traditional Kurta and T-shirts. Ladies’ Lawn Apparel gets a discount of up to 38% as well. Fashion accessories men and women, including watches, sunglasses, handbags, shoes etc., have also received big price cuts.

Home appliances for the hot weather, like refrigerators and Air Conditioners get a discount of up to 12 percent. Ice Makers and Portable Air coolers are also being offered with huge price cuts. Other discounted appliances include generators, water dispensers, kitchen equipment and kitchen accessories.

Electronics, being an always-in-demand thing, get discounts too. Smartphones, mobile accessories, headphones, UPS, solar chargers and lights also get a reduced price tag.

Cheezmall will offer every user a flat discount too. The discount coupon will be applicable on all items listed in the summer sale. Every user will get:

  • 100 off for a purchase under Rs. 2,000.
  • Spend over Rs. 2,000 and you get a Rs. 500 discount.
  • Purchases over Rs. 3,000 get a flat price cut of Rs. 1,000.

Coupons cannot applied to Rush Hour Items and can only be used once per order. Cheezmall will be offering free shipping with all summer sale items.

You can view the deals by visiting the Cheezmall website or by clicking here.

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  • Already purchased Two 3D VR Glasses. Get it in Rs 1100 each. Price for 1 was Rs 1599. I booked two. Put Rs 1000 coupon and got Rs 1100 each. In the market evn whole sale selling for Rs 3300. Best offer indeed.

    • Cheezmall ke har article par in bhai sahab ke comment hain, sir daal main kuch kala tu nahi? Ya pori daal kali hai?

      • Hahahaha obviously we all can understand who’s behind. This guy prefers Cheezmall over Ali Express :p

      • Hahhaa agree with you KMQ. Wese just ni ye do bandey wqaee nazar aatay hai jismay ye eski side leta hai and black and white tasweer walay Uzair sb galia dere hoty hai. But frankly speaking eski baton mey dam b lagta hai k banda kharidari kerta hai jab k uzaira lagta hai apni koi jadi pushyi dushmani ya pese leta hai cheezmall ko galia dene k lye
        I think propakistani ko ye ghatia language use kerny walo k khikaf action lena chaye. @amir atta

    • There is nothing like rush hour! its just a publicity stunt! Event i tried ordering instantly within seconds but there i got error “Please refresh your page” and when i refresh “Sorry inventory not available” i have tried this multiple times. At the time of buying VR, before the countdown was ended, there was already 33% sold out. How could this be possible. It means that they are playing with values in real time.

      I ordered a local product and its going to be a week and the product is yet not dispatched. I don’t understand why are they taking upto one week for local products? they should have very fast order processing system.

  • Their product details page is not opening nor the second category onwards on their sales page

  • Its Too Much Now, I think Propakistani is Bought by This So called choor Mall. The New Design of Propakistani also pathetic like Choor Mall

    • Go and get a chill glass of water.
      If there’s no electricity for hours and the chill water is not available, go and get some juice to drink.

      It’s normal to angry in Summer without any reason whatsoever.

    • what is the issue my dear.. did you get any issue with cheezmall… then please share it.. or launch a complaint at appropriate forum.. I haven’t used any of the online store but this is not the way you are shouting here.. and change is the part of business. if ProPak has changed its theme then it is their choice.. if you don’t like then you may go TechCrunch or CNEt for better updates… :)

    • Wese ye to achi baat ki hai bandey ne ! I appreciate k cheezmall followup kra hai apne naraz customers ka ! Wese Uzair sb apka koi personal masla to nahee hai cheezmall se?
      Hmesha galia dety we nazar aty ho propakistani or cheezmall ko. Majra kia hai akhir jo ab tk solve ni hua ?

    • Asking 5 star review is somewhat shady, he should’ve gone for ‘Give us your best rating’.
      By the way it’s a normal practice to follow-up the customers who post bad reviews.

    • So you expect them to sell without Pakistani taxes & duties?? I also don’t like cheezmall but be sensible!

      • I dont expect them to sell at china rates. But the prices must be rational with other online stores. Same item available at 1800 rs and they are selling at 2800.

        My opinion is that buyers must compare before buying

        • And dont forget that they take 25 days minimum to deliver while others deliver very next day

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