After Brief Outage, Whatsapp Services Restored in Pakistan [Updated]

After a brief outage today, WhatsApp services got restored in the Pakistan, ending a country-wide panic among users.

Earlier today, WhatsApp suddenly went offline with messages and calls not going through the network. Issue was Pakistan specific as no other countries reported facing the outage that lasted for around 20 minutes.

PTA had confirmed to ProPakistani that it didn’t trigger the ban and WhatsApp wasn’t working on any upgradation either so the main reason behind the outage is yet to be determined.

This is a developing story

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Nasir Javed

    probably due to video call upgradation.

  • Mahfooz Ahmed

    i personally would want it to be banned completely

    • Hassam Tahir

      I personally want your DISQus account to be banned completely

      • Mahfooz Ahmed

        YOU SEE.. it is that serious… now i pray it be banned to make sure you are deprived of your miserable activities you cant live without on whatsapp…

        • Care to explain why all the hate for WhatsApp?

    • Gemini

      I personally want your life to be banned in this world and afterlife.

    • ScarletCrimson

      We personally don’t give a flying fook what you personally want.

    • ScarletCrimson

      We personally don’t give a flying duck what you personally want.

    • Shehroz Ahmed

      Downvoted :3

  • Kamran Yusuf

    Its probably the ISPs, works when using a VPN server.

  • YA Raza

    Me ny to app delete kr de the dobara download pay laga k propakistani open kia ha to news mil gai !

  • Muhammad Adeel Khan


  • Ahsan

    started working now

  • Chodury Hanif Khagga

    working fine.

  • Shehzad Ahmed

    First Step Towards Ban. :)
    PTA Was Testing its Banning Abilities :P

  • Tayyab Hasan

    Was it working with a vpn?

  • Shahzad Zameer

    at this moment i.e. 10:50 pm (PST) whatsapp working normally.