Google Needs Your Help in Naming Android N

Well now this is a first. During Google I/O 2016 event, the tech giant announced that the next version of its mobile OS will be renamed by the people.

Android Nutella?

It was long speculated that Google might take a leaf out of its co-branding playbook with Nestle, seeing how positively Android Kitkat was received by the media and the users a year back. Everybody remembers that extremely viral post about Android Kitkat from that time (you can view it here), and this is why many industry insiders thought that CEO Sundhar Pichai might do the same this time around.

However, seeing as how Android has positioned itself as the mobile OS of the masses (iOS who?), the company is calling for sweet-filled suggestions for its next seminal OS release.

Google to Run Contest for Users to Name Android N

The internet, in its typical opinionated fashion, has already suggested some names such as Android Nougat, Android Nerd, Android Nutmeg and so on.

Of course there is a tradition to follow here, as Google has always named its Android releases after a confectionery item. Also, the company names its products in an alphabetical order when it comes to Android, hence the Android N moniker.

Google surprised many by releasing the preview version on Android N earlier this year, and also by determining that we the users get to choose the final Google name.

However, Google’s VP of Engineering Dave Burke also chimed in that the company reserves the right to pick the final name.

Let’s see what hilarious names the internet suggests for Android N, only for Google to shut them down because….. someone is wrong on the internet.

You can help name Android N here

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